Where to Stay in San Diego: Best Areas & Hotels. North America 2021.

Where to Stay in San Diego: Best Areas & Hotels. North America 2021. Bathed in year-round sunshine, San Diego is home to many vibrant city blocks and laid-back beach towns. The best attractions are scattered over a large area, so staying there will depend on your interests and the reason for your visit. If you’reRead More

Hart Pass

North Cascade National Park section of the PCT in northern Washington is arguably the most rugged, but with enough sweat, the stunning views of the rocky Cascade Mountains are well worth the effort. Much of the area that PCT traverses in northern Washington is inaccessible without a few days of hiking, but close to theRead More

Chinook Pass

Distant Mount Rainier is shrouded in clouds, close to Chinook Pass | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane Every mile of the PCT Washington side is filled with lush rainforest, rocky heights of alpine terrain and great views of the Pacific Northwest’s defining landmarks. Not much of the Washington PCT is easily accessible for daytime hikes, butRead More

Carson Pass

Just 30 miles south of Lake Tahoe, along Highway 88, and 55 miles north of PCT Sonora Pass, the Carson Pass is a great hiking destination. It’s not just the stunning forest and alpine lakes found throughout the region, but the varied array of adventure options that make it great for anyone looking to hikeRead More