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2020 budget: hochstadt's slashing concert gets unanimous approval

Andreas dorsch the 2020 austerity budget presented by corona was unanimously approved by the hochstadt city council on monday evening. "We have cut everything in the administrative budget that could be cut", said mayor gerald brehm (JL) in advance.

With a volume of 63 million euros, the budget is significantly below those of the past four years. The investments in the property budget were reduced by 47 percent to 25 million compared to the previous year.

SPD spokesman andreas hanjes found it easy to agree "because the year is almost over". With regard to the staff in the town hall, he called for more young people to be trained and for professional employee management to prevent the best employees from leaving for other authorities. Hanjes criticized that positions in city hall are filled without an application process. The SPD is just as positive about the settlement of commercial enterprises as it is about the public discussion of the land use plan.

Despite corona, political activity should not suffer, said CSU spokesman alexander schulz. He criticized the mayor for not holding enough meetings. For schulz, the budget has now shrunk to a normal mab. He criticized the rehabilitation of the roads, which should go faster. He hopes for a rethinking of the mayor, so that it is not always waited until total loss. CSU is fully behind the creation of affordable housing, but in cooperation with a cooperative, he says. In the case of land sales, the social model should be more effective and not take into account those who already have a property or an income of over 100,000 euros.

Young list spokesman michael ulbrich was pleased about the broad approval of the budget and praised the old land policy, which has ensured high housing quality in hochstadt for 50 years. The planned extension of the hacker’s path is for him a good compromise. The JL spokesman said that the importance of a broad-based business district was now also becoming apparent.

Andreas popp signaled the grunen’s approval of the 2020 draft budget, but criticized the city for confusing expansive settlement policy with urban development. For him, demography speaks a different language. The greens doubt that in the future there will still be a demand for such coarse residential areas as hackersteig in hochstadt. They fear more noise and pollution for the citizens already living there.

Afd lone campaigner christian bessler criticized the ideology of the greens. For him, the budget is "transparent, balanced, coherent and sustainable". However, he would like to see more funds for road improvements, for example for the kieferndorf road. Bessler also wants to continue creating housing.

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