Chinook Pass

Distant Mount Rainier is shrouded in clouds, close to Chinook Pass | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Every mile of the PCT Washington side is filled with lush rainforest, rocky heights of alpine terrain and great views of the Pacific Northwest’s defining landmarks. Not much of the Washington PCT is easily accessible for daytime hikes, but where the trail crosses Highway 410 at Chinook Pass, complete with ample parking, hikers can explore PCT in any direction during the day and feel satisfied with their weirdness. Heading north along the PCT from Chinook Pass, Sheep Lake is just 1.5 miles from the hotel and is well worth the drive up the mountain. Heading south, Lake Dewey, Lake Anderson, and the Ridiculous Route encourages exploration. With Chinook Pass serving as the eastern border of Mount Rainier National Park, your enjoyment doesn’t have to end with a day hike on the PCT, and the adventure options are nearly endless given the vast mountainous environment that surrounds it.