Eagle Creek Alternate

Spectacular Tunnel Falls at Eagle Creek Alternate | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

The Northern Oregon Eagle Creek Trail is another alternative route that departs from the official PCT. This is not only a common excursion for most travelers, but one of the most popular places in Oregon to see a high concentration of water feature.While most travelers navigate the numerous Eagle Creek Falls heading north to the city of Cascade Castles and the border with Oregon and Washington DC, the best bet per day for backpackers would be to start at Cascade Locks to continue south on this acclaimed Columbia Valley trail.

Just two miles from the start of the trail, Points and its large pool of water awaits to be seen, and nearly seven miles away, Tunnel Falls allows hikers to hike under the falls through an impressive tunnel carved out of the rock. The Eagle Creek Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Pacific Northwest, so you can share trails with other casual adventurers, but with everything to see, you won’t mind company.