Editor’s Pick Crater Lake Rome Alternative

View from the gammon Trail of Crater Lake and Sorcerer’s Island | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

While the official PCT takes a route that extends west of the ancient caldera that is known as Crater Lake, Crater Lake Rim Vanguard is a highly acclaimed and promising departure from the original route, from which more PCT non-riders walk each year. This is because without Rim Alternate Crater Lake, you would have missed the stunning scenery made up of the second deepest lake in the country.

The alternate trail officially begins at Dutton Creek Trail Junction, but day hikers can cut a few less scenic miles starting at Rim Village.From here, the alternate trail follows the rim for six miles, showing dazzling views of Crater Lake and its sapphire waters all the way. When you’re ready to go back, or you’ve hit six miles, an alternating trail, all you have to do is turn around and get the same look twice. Crater Lake is truly the highlight of the entire PCT experience and is one of the geological features that everyone should see in their life.