Hart Pass

North Cascade National Park section of the PCT in northern Washington is arguably the most rugged, but with enough sweat, the stunning views of the rocky Cascade Mountains are well worth the effort. Much of the area that PCT traverses in northern Washington is inaccessible without a few days of hiking, but close to the Canadian border, close to the small adventure town of Mazama, you can access a great PCT walking day from Harts Pass.

The Forest Service’s road to access the Harts Pass is narrow, with steep cliffs rather than shoulders, and partly for this reason, the urge to hike to this day can be your biggest challenge for the entire adventure. Another reason is that since the Harts Pass is at over 6,000 feet, you don’t have to climb much when you start hiking the trail. Instead, the entire family can follow a relatively flat grade heading south or north on the PCT from Harts Pass and take in some of the most dramatic ridges, mountain peaks, and rocky alpine environments found in the entire state of Washington.