Mount Baden-Powell

At the top of Mount Baden-Powell overlooking Mount Baldi | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

For a good example of opportunity and maximum appreciation, you’ll experience the PCT portion of Southern California, a nine-mile, round-the-world hike to the summit of Mount Baden Powell in the San Gabriel Mountains gives you a healthy dose of both as it rises high in the sky. This popular summit hike isn’t necessary for everyone, and the roughly 4.5 miles it takes to climb more than 2,800 feet to the summit is filled with enough switches to make you consider returning. But once you get to the top, be prepared to be greeted by ancient pine trees that have been around for over a millennium, as well as stunning views of the opposite Mount Baldi and the surrounding Los Angeles National Forest.You can tour this piece of ICT. driving along the Headfeck Angeles Highway (2) towards Vincent The Gap, where there is ample trail parking.