70 Years of the state of israel in bamberg city hall

At the opening of the exhibition "70 years of israel second mayor christian lange (CSU) buried the guests. The bamberg working group of the german israeli society had brought the exhibition to bamberg. "Bamberg is a city with a rich jewish tradition and past and with an up-and-coming jewish community life. It is the right way to pass on the knowledge of the state of israel and its history to the next generations through an exhibition", so long.

Michael genniges spoke as chairman of the working group. He thanked the city for making its premises available for the exhibition. "We meet today to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the state", said genniges and told about the time from 1948 until today. When he called on the federal government to move the german embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, he received spontaneous applause from the rows of listeners. He said: "it is time to recognize reality"."

The next speaker was arieh rudolph, chairman of the israelite religious community of bamberg. After the references to the history, he mentioned the technical and scientific inventions of the new state. He criticized the press: "although many people in europe probably associate israel with little more than the conflict with the palestinians, and this is the basis of a one-sided reporting according to colored european and unfortunately also german media, the above-mentioned inventions show that there is much more to discover there." The exhibition celebrated two miracles at once: that israel was able to prosper in this way and that israel and germany have become friends and partners.

Dream of the century came true

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the presentation by sandra simovich, consul general of the israelite consulate in munich. She explained that the exhibition on the history of israel, created by the israeli embassy in berlin, presents all relevant events in a detailed and informative way. It also mentioned the first zionist congress in basel 120 years ago. The founding of the state of israel 70 years ago, she called a century dream of the jews, from the peasant has become a high-tech state.

"People from 130 countries live in israel today. They can live safely without fear of persecution and freely practice their faith", the consul general said and added with regard to the situation in the middle east: "the state of israel and its citizens want peace". Our hope is that once internal stability is restored in our neighboring arab states, we will together find a way for peace, progress and prosperity through regional cooperation." The two-state theory is only possible in joint negotiations.

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