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A lot of interesting information on a tour around the town hall

On thursday evening, a small group of interested people gathered to meet in the row "oh! How already is munnerstadt" on a tour of discovery "around the munnerstadt town hall to give. Franz gock, who as a long-time city leader has some experience in this field, succeeded in bringing the history of munich to life through the town hall in an exciting way. Thereby came both the "rough" the participants were also interested in the historical topics, such as the foundation of the city by the hennebergs, the reformation and counter-reformation, or the 30-year war, as well as the nice anecdotes from the history of the city. Several of those present could still remember the public scales that used to be installed in front of the town hall, and even the oxen that were tied there until a few decades ago.

A barracks from switzerland

In addition to the town hall itself, the historic buildings around it were also discussed. A surprising realization for most of the participants was that "switzerland the so-called "marienanstalt" got its name from the fact that a swiss barracks once processed the milk collected in this stately courtyard. The so-called marienanstalt, on the other hand, was built in 1578 by the then mayor andreas oesterreicher, who, however, as a protestant, left the town soon after. Both buildings were considered by all present to be decorative pieces of the old town, and it is to be hoped that their renovation will soon be tackled in order to preserve them. Because there are already enough losses of historical buildings, such as the former inn "zum goldenen lowen", which was an imposing half-timbered building. Franz gock remembered that there was already a television there in 1958, on which he watched the soccer world cup in brazil when he was still at school.

But around 1960, the building was demolished and replaced by a new building, which is hardly comprehensible from today’s point of view. Also the war memorial for the "heroes" of the german-french war of 1870, which was still standing at the town hall until the 1970s, was cleared away and is today scattered in fragments in various places. None of those present could say why it was removed from its original place. Whether it was perhaps no longer appropriate to celebrate the victory over france when the twinning agreement with stenay was signed in 1979?

With so many stories to tell, time flew by. It was only the onset of darkness and, above all, the autumnal temperatures that led us to abandon our little tour after a good hour. When most of the participants had already left, franz gock remembered a few things that he had not mentioned, such as the story of why the people of munnerstadt were known as "nachelsieder" be described.

But this will not be the last time kilian during and nicolas zenzen will visit the old town, so that everything that has been forgotten can be made up for. The next stop will be two weeks from now, on the 18th of this month. October, but again to a part of town, namely to reichenbach

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