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The extent to which the school bus transportation schedules have been sewn up became clear at the meeting of the mabbach market town council. Because it turned out that not even five minutes could be extracted from the whole set of numbers. Whereby this number is only possible through the participation of two bus companies, but also complicated. Two routes are currently operated by the companies seger in munnerstadt and seger in poppenlauer.

This has worked well up to now, but at the beginning of this school year it was decided to accommodate some of the after-school children from the elementary school in poppenlauer in the after-school care center at the secondary school in mabbach. This should be done by seger (poppenlauer) in passing, so to speak, which had meant a detour of five minutes. But the company, according to mayor matthias klement (CSU), felt unable to do this, because it would delay the subsequent schedule, including scheduled traffic in schweinfurt.

At seger (munnerstadt), klement became fundig. The company still had the capacity and took over the transportation. However, this means a longer trip for the children. Because the trip to the after-school care center in mabbach can only continue once the schools in weichtungen, thundorf and rothhausen have been brought home. This means an additional cost of 35 euros per trip, i.E. 3500 euros for the first half of the school year. For the second half of the year, the municipality must issue a new call for tenders for the school bus service. Then the detour is to be incorporated into the plan.

Achim bieber (BP) was the only one who wanted to try to save the 3500 euros. It proposed that the clocks in the two schools be set five minutes ahead for half a year, that classes begin at 7 a.M. And that the school year begin at 6 a.M.55 o’clock earlier. This freed up the five minutes at the back of the road. But the market town council did not want to make friends with that. And against the proposal to shorten one of the two breaks by five minutes, possible objections were raised by the ministry of education because of non-compliance with the regeneration phases. So the decision was made – against one vote – to bear the additional costs for half the year. A refusal had also brought problems, because the mabnahme had already started anyway.

New cycle path planned

The market town council has signaled its agreement in principle to a participation in the construction of a bicycle path along the state road 2280 between madenhausen and ebertshausen or between schweinfurt and the ellertshauser lake. The road runs for 250 meters on the mabbacher marker. For this to become a binding agreement, however, three questions must first be clarified: how should the mabbach community be involved in the planning?? What costs will be incurred by the community? And above all: is there a possibility to connect volkershausen to this cycle path. This will require some negotiation, because the flat for the route is not continuously owned by the municipality.

Signs point to the theater

14 years after the opening, two so-called instruction boards, those brown signs that point out places of interest or special features, are now to be erected on the A 71 at the mabbach/poppenlauer exit. The boards will point to the theater schloss mabbach. The municipality and the theater agreed on this just under a year ago. Of course, there were no fundamental objections. But some rates, when they saw the design, still wished for the addition of the words "lower franconian state stage" and asked for additions.

25,000 euros were allocated for the production and installation of the sign. The beutha sign company, which had won the contract, only wanted 17,112 euros. The joy about the saving of 8000 euro was however dampened by a remark of the mayor: "on top of that there is 5000 euro for the graphic designer." There was a bit of laughter.

Two personnel matters occupied the market town council. For the municipal elections on 15. March 2020 in mabbach, frank mauer, head of the office of the district council, was appointed election officer. His deputy will be volker heim. And: the market town council had decided to join the special purpose agreement with the district office, which provides for the establishment of a municipal network for data security. Now it was about the appointment of the data protection officer. The council had no objections to hans-jurgen buhner, who had been proposed by the district administration office. He was previously head of the IT department and is now assigned to the main office in bad kissingen.

Building application approved

Of course, there were also building applications and preliminary building requests, all of which passed the committee unanimously. A new family home can be built on the centleite in mabbach. A positive preliminary decision was given for the construction of a pasture for ponies with a stable – the land is designated in the land use plan as a flat for agriculture. In the course of the reorganization of volkershausen, the municipality has succeeded in negotiating with the landowners on burggasse to make two plots of land available to interested parties in such a way that a sensible development is possible. The existing warehouse, which has become obsolete, can be demolished. The market town council instructed the administration to buy the land and to start planning the development of the area.

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