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Alligators make it double digits

And after the last few close results, this time the goals were scored like clockwork again. For the second time this season, the HEC managed a double-digit victory, and for 49 minutes it even looked as if philipp schnierstein would not be beaten once in goal.

Hochstadter EC – ESC habfurt 10:2
The home side made a lot of steam from the start and had a lot of chances to score. But neither player-coach daniel jun nor daniel tratz andre lenk managed to overcome the well behaved hildenbrand in the ESC-goal. In addition lukas meyer hit only the post. The in all respects inferior guests around the ex-hochstadter pavel weib and christian dietrich brought only little about. Two dangerous counter-attacks were the only result in the first third.

And so the HEC-express continued to roll, but it took until the 13. Minute of play before stephan hiendlmeyer broke the spell, outfought two opponents and scored to make it 1:0. The alligators kept the pressure on: ryan cornforth captured the puck and set meyer in scene, who first failed to hildenbrand, but marked the 2-0 in the after shot (17.). In the final minute, jun still managed the standgemabe 3:0 after advance work of daniel sikorski and hiendlmeyer from short distance. The hawks were still well served, because twice the post stood in the way of another hochstadter goal.
After the break, the guests were finally willing to stand up to the alligators, at least in terms of fighting, even though there was still a class difference in terms of play.

But the hochstadter drew the hawks quickly the tooth: tomas urban passed to captain sikorski, who increased ice-cold to 4:0 (22.). In the following minutes the panzer lizards remained dominant, but were no longer quite as pressured. Nevertheless it worked out with the goal pushing. Jun passed hildenbrand, who was already beaten, to urban, who stayed cool in the huddle and scored to make it 5:0 (28.). Two minutes later cornforth scored the 6:0 goal after a combination of martin vojcak and hiendlmeyer. The guest coach karchavich had enough: he changed the goalkeeper. And that worked promptly, because jung shot down several HEC opportunities, for example, when thilo gray appeared alone in front of him (32.). On the other side now also philipp schnierstein got something more to do. But also the hochstadter goalie was always on the post.
Who now thought, the final third was a loose run out, saw himself exchanged.

The alligators continued to put the hawks under pressure: jun loaded goalie jung and put the puck into the corner for 7:0 (41).), lenk followed up with a brace within 30 seconds (48.). One minute later the never giving up and by their fans carried guests succeeded in the honorary goal by oertel. Sikorski was five minutes before the end to make the result double-digit, before dietrich gave his former teammates a second goal for the final score of 10:2 (58).).

The statistics of the game
hochstadter EC -ESC habfurt 10:2 (3:0, 3:0, 4:2)

hochstadter EC: goal: schnierstein; defense: cornforth/babinsky, kaczmarek/sikorski, stutz/goblirsch;
attack: gulda/hiendlmeyer/vojcak, jun/lenk/urban, eyrich/tratz/grau, meyer

ESC habfurt: goal: hildenbrand, jung; defense: schorr/friedberger, markl/weib, ankenbrand;
attack: oertel/dzemla/revak, bates/zosch/dietrich

ref: daniel schmid, tobias schwenk, kevin streschnak
spectators: 450

goals: 1:0 hiendlmeyer (13.), 2:0 meyer (17.), 3:0 jun (20.), 4:0 sikorski (22.), 5:0 urban (28.), 6:0 cornforth (30.), 7:0 jun (42.), 8:0 lenk (48.), 9:0 lenk (48.), 9:1 oertel (49.), 10:1 sikorski (55.), 10:2 dietrich (58.)
penalty times: 6 / 6

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