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Auto-test elektro-smart: fast on the road with a good conscience

It sounds tempting: you go to the office in the morning by car. During working hours, the car recharges itself very cost-effectively with electricity from a photovoltaic system, paid for by cell phone (app). Aunt frieda can be visited in the evening, and the son can be driven to training. Or it goes in pairs to the excursion in the green.

"This is what mobility will look like in the future," belectric managing director sebastian bachmann is convinced. 570 million euros in sales worldwide in 2012, the group is working on an "intelligent charging infrastructure" at the inno-park in kitzingen and has now reached the fine-tuning stage on this issue. But still – as shown in the everyday test – range and refueling time (= charging time) are in a rather bad relationship.

The driving characteristics of the electric smart are quite familiar: due to the high efficiency of the motor, the small car is a fast starter and, in terms of sound, a quiet performer. Those who don’t like it, who like it loud, can use a music system for decibel-heavy sound.

Rough vehicle fleets

An electric fleet could be particularly interesting for larger companies that could install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of their production facilities. And where a certain proportion of vehicles only drive short distances every day (post office, delivery services), where there are cars with longer standing times anyway and not all of them are needed at the same time.

Bachmann will present his concept at knauf and leoni, the latter being a hybrid and electric developer himself. "The savings potential is high for companies of this size," says bachmann. "Because we can wirelessly control for each vehicle when and how fast it is charged."

The example of france shows how the environmentally friendly electric car can be demanded. "There, the government demands 5000 euros per vehicle," says bachmann. The french postal service, for example, uses the renault kangoo, a vehicle that is suitable for everyday use and for tradesmen, and its fleet is growing steadily.

Smile and curiosity

In kitzingen and the surrounding area, however, the electric smart is an exotic car. The reactions range from ironic comments and pitying smiles to interest and even curiosity. In any case, two things are amazing: after two or three days, "charging routine" has already set in, the car is stopped in the garage in the evening almost as a matter of course.

Above all, however, there is no noticeable dampening when driving: the quiet driver gets off to a good start without shifting gears, is easy to handle, and is a real pleasure to drive. As long as the battery question is not solved better, hybrid could be a good intermediate solution: in the city you drive electric quietly, over land with gasoline or diesel. The chinese are pioneers in this respect – forcibly – because they are in danger of formally suffocating from the smog in their cities with millions of inhabitants.

If you don’t drive much, use the smart as a second car only for short trips, and have a yard or garage – why not?. For a frequent driver like me the small one is no alternative. Too slow, too fast unloading! The problem of forced charging breaks will hopefully be solved at the latest, when one day in the not too distant future the oil will be exhausted.

E-smart data sheet

Electric motor: permanent magnet motor – hardly any maintenance, no oil change, no spark plug wear, no replacement of timing or fan belts). Shiftless driving, almost noiseless, top speed: 125 km/h, acceleration 0 to 100 km: 11.5sec, from zero to 60 km: 4.8sec., max. Torque: 130 nm, max. Power: 55 kw CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+; consumption: 15.1kwh/100km corresponds to 1.7l per 100km; battery type: lithium-ion, battery capacity: 17.6 kwh, range: 120 to 145 km; charging: smart ED with 22-kw on-board charger (400V): 400-V charging cable for fast charging; charging time: 1 hour (z. B. To belectric charging box).

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