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Bad kissingen: late blessing for the snowman

He’s actually back, and without frostbite on his hands: thomas ahnert, a cultural critic for the saale newspaper who was snowed in inzell. As already detailed in an interview, he and his wife gerhild were busy for days keeping the path from the cottage to the parking lot clear – without the insistent shovel, the ahnerts had not been able to leave the cottage. By the way: the escape channel was ubermannshoch at the end.

Now they are back safe and sound in bad kissingen and were met last saturday by a reception committee they really hadn’t expected: the holy three queens in the shape of SPD city councilor christina scheit and her two daughters. And that’s how it happened: on 6. January, the day of the epiphany, the ahnerts were still in the snow chaos of inzell, while the scheits were on their way as carol singers. The ahnerts regretted this very much – and were all the more surprised (and their neighbors no less so) when the three wise women slipped into the wanders again in person a few days later and stuck the 20 C+M+B 19 on their door.

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