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Bbc coach ulf schabacker: 'the rebounds were our shortcoming'

50:50 – with a success in the last game of the season against the TG s. Oliver wurzburg on saturday at 19.30 o’clock the BBC coburg could equalize its points account in the prob sud. 14 defeats were then offset by 14 victories. One man who made a significant contribution to the coburg basketball team’s good record is point guard chase adams. Head coach ulf schabacker puts the chances of the 30-year-old wearing the BBC jersey again next season at 50:50. In an interview with the tageblatt, the 62-year-old reveals which players he still plans to use in the coming round, how his role will change after the departure of sporting director matthias haufer, and how he assesses his team’s season in the end.

Mr. Schabacker, you gave your team a grade of ‘satisfactory’ for the first half of the season. Are you a little more gracious now after the commanding performances in the play-downs with four wins in five games??

Ulf schabacker: i have to give the team credit for the fact that, even though we were already secured early on, we were so consistent and focused in the play-downs. The exception was the game in rhondorf, when we were massively weakened due to illness and injury, but still didn’t stand no chance. In this respect you can make a plus behind the ‘3’. The fact that we unfortunately did not reach the play-offs was a bit upsetting for both players and coaches, of course. But the play-downs were really okay, the team didn’t let itself get hung up and also trained well, even though we didn’t train as intensively as we did during the season.

The final game of the play-downs is the home game against wurzburg on saturday. What can the spectators expect?

Of course we want to win the game. The wurzburgers will perhaps be a bit cheerful after losing the game at the green table in coburg before christmas. But we will resist enough to win the game at home. I will try as far as possible to give all the players playing time and to give them the opportunity to say goodbye to the fans.

In the last home game against koln, 18-year-old christoph bauer played for more than 20 minutes. How satisfied are you with the development of the two youngsters, bauer and louis herbst??

Louis and christoph already had a hard time this season, because they had our best players in their position in front of them. Since we have been fighting for the play-offs for a long time, it was not possible to use them, although they had both deserved it through their training efforts. I will try to give louis against wurzburg more time, that he can present himself again. Christoph did an excellent job in the last game, which made me very happy. Now I hope that he will stay with us and that next year he will be able to take the next step in his development.

Speaking of next year – how far along are the personnel plans??

Steffen walde and chris wolf still have a contract, with all the others it is still too early to say something. As we have heard so far, all the players are interested in playing for coburg. But you can also see that other clubs are after one or the other of our players. Kevin franceschi has already received a very good offer from the second french league during this season, but this has ultimately fallen through.

What are the chances of extending the contract to power forward chase adams, who has often made the difference??

I would put the chances at 50:50. Chase will of course get a better offer from us than in this season, it was ultimately lucky that he came to coburg. Chase has made an impact on and off the floor. He is an absolute leader and has also brought a certain professionalism to the team, which was perhaps not yet so pronounced with one or the other player. I also had a lot of discussions with him about training content. What he has it in terms of play, of which everyone in the hall in the home games uberzeugen. He makes his teammates strong and can, if necessary, also finish himself. So if his extension is financially feasible, we were blod if we didn’t try to keep him. But of course he will also want to present himself to proa and other leagues through his agent, that is now a matter of negotiation.

What positions does the team need to improve?

Of course we have to plan on two tracks, because we don’t know what will happen with chase adams and kevin franceschi. We would like to keep both of them, but it will not be easy. We need in any case still someone under the basket, we must become simply more prasenter with the rebound. That was our shortcoming this season. When teams came with strong power forwards and centers, we already had problems. I expected us to do a little better than that. If you consider that chase (anm. D. Red.(1,76 meter) and kevin (1,92 meter) are our top rebounders, that doesn’t necessarily speak for our rebound work. I hope that we will be able to change something next year.

The previous sporting director, matthias haufer, will only be active as an external consultant in the coming season. This job will now also fall into your area of responsibility in the future…

I have my problems with the title "athletic director". For me, a sporting director is someone who draws up an overall concept for all the teams, from the ‘first’ to the ‘minis’, but I can’t do that because of my job. D. Red.: schabacker is managing director at veranstaltungsservice bamberg). I had to be in coburg permanently for this. That’s why we split it up so that I’m responsible for the first team and johannes wunder and yasin turan for the lower teams. I am still in close contact with matthias haufer. It’s not like he’s completely out of the picture, he’ll get us one or two more contacts. The final talks with the agents were then conducted by myself or johannes wunder.

Brose bamberg’s farm team, the baunach young pikes, will be relegated to the proa next season and will also play in the prob. There is already anticipation for the new derby?

This will be a good and very interesting local derby, for coburg this is a bomb thing. In general, the league is developing quite well for us from a technical point of view. The long journeys to koln and rhondorf, which were already exhausting on match day, are now a thing of the past. Leverkusen seems to be moving up to the proa, as things currently stand. With hanau, the second team to be relegated from the proa, another team has been added that will make the league more attractive. And oberhaching, promoted from the regional league, is not to be sneezed at either. In this respect, the level in the prob sud will certainly not be lower next year, so you have to be careful again not to slip into the back of the pack. Nevertheless, our goal will be to recruit a play-off team, because, as the saying goes, standstill is jerky step.

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