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beer festival at the kulmbach vocational school

Water and malt, hops and yeast – that's all you get in a beer. This is how the bavarian purity law dictates it. Clearly, the apprentice brewers who are being trained at the vocational school in kulmbach also adhere to this principle.

But there's more to learning the profession of brewer and maltster: you have to put your heart and soul into it ("otherwise you won't be a good brewer"), like master brewer hans wernlein from trebgast female) and professional brewing technology. The technology in the vocational school has been completely outdated. The county, as the state government, has invested almost one million euros – and the result is an ultra-modern training and test brewery, all made of stainless steel and computer-controlled.

To celebrate the day – the new plant was officially inaugurated on thursday – vocational school teacher marco scherl and his class brewed a festive beer: amber-colored, around 5.5 percent alcohol, and very siphony. It is matured for six weeks in one of the five storage tanks – total capacity 700 liters.

The teacher explains that 70 to 100 liters of beer can be brewed per brew. This also preserves the soft kulmbach water, which, according to scherl, "is particularly well suited for the brewing process.

The students from all over upper franconia – a total of 60 in three classes – have already got to grips with the professional technology. Felix zirnsack (neder brewery, forchheim), vincenz schiller (hetzel brewery, frauendorf), thomas wild (scherdel brewery, hof), andreas ludwig (fassla brewery, bamberg) and jonas stohr (kaiser brewery, grasmannsdorf) are all enthusiastic about the project. With heart and soul.

Kulmbach wants students from the upper palatinate
The official opening of the new pilot brewery at the vocational school was celebrated with a "landratsbier" is poured out, klaus peter sollner is pleased. He has always advocated the renovation of the brewing and malting classrooms and the installation of new brewing equipment. For this, the county has also dug deep into its pockets: almost one million euros has been invested, with the state contributing 330,000 euros.

"We have the best conditions for training brewers and maltsters", stresses the district administrator at the ceremony. A small malting plant, a complete brewing plant, bottle and keg filling, cleaning and labeling machine, dispensing plant and mixing plant for mixed beverages: nothing that was missing.

But what the district administrator and the head of the brewers' guild in upper franconia, hans-joachim hansen (brewery meinel, hof), don't like is the way the schools are divided up in bavaria: for brewery apprentices, there are three school locations: munich, kulmbach and karlstadt. The upper franconians liked the fact that the trainees from the northern part of the upper palatinate were traveling to lower franconia. "The blob must get off in kulmbach", says the head brewer.

But they are waiting in vain for a commitment. "I like to support kulmbach", says senior ministerial councilor werner lucha from the ministry of culture "but a change of district is not so easy." After all, the other schools had also invested in their equipment. It would be easier to recruit students from neighboring states.

After the speeches, the guests enjoyed themselves. There is fest beer and a rich bread meal, prepared by other vocational school classes. Meanwhile, more beers from the brewing students are maturing in the storage tanks. Whether it's pale bock or marzen – the next beer festival at school is ready to go. A reason can be found.

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