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Beer week in kulmbach: the construction has begun

The old town festival is barely over before the next big event casts its shadow ahead. Mayor henry schramm officially inaugurates on 27. July the 64. Kulmbach beer week. A special ceremony will take place in front of the kulmbach town hall on the market square. Traditionally, the buttner dance their buttner dance to the music of the kulmbach town band under the direction of thomas besand. The bollerschutzen bischofsgrun are – and this already for 15 years – at the opening of the beer week on the market place.

"I would like to thank our mayor and these three associations very much for helping to organize the festive opening of our beer week", says markus stodden, spokesman for the management board of kulmbacher brewery.
Mayor henry schramm declares: "i am really happy that the tradition of opening the beer festival on the market square is being maintained. The buttner, the bollerschutzen and the town band make a nice picture in front of our historic town hall."

The buttnerverein from kulmbach has been involved in the opening of the kulmbach beer festival ever since its inception. In the beginning, the beer week took place on the market square, which is why the buttnertanz continues to take place there today for the sake of tradition.

"At the opening of the kulmbach beer week we will march in two lines to the sounds of the bavarian defilier march. Afterwards the 20 dancers of the kulmbacher buttnerverein will stand in a rough circle with green bows, before the actual buttnertanz begins", declares achim schneider, chairman of the buttnerfachverein kulmbach.

The kulmbach town band of 1851, with its history of more than 150 years, will open the beer week again this year as a renowned musical ambassador for kulmbach. It will musically accompany the opening in front of the town hall and the procession to the bierstadel of the kulmbach beer week. "I have been conducting the town band at the opening ceremony of the beer festival for more than 20 years now.

Together with my musicians, I am delighted every time anew to be able to musically ring in kulmbach’s fifth season", thomas besand, conductor of the kulmbach town band, proudly expresses his pride in the new bypass. For the tapping traditionally also in this year the probably most well-known german march "old comrades" is played intoniert, with which the beer week is already opened since 1939.

The third club to attend is the bollerschutzen from bischofsgrun for the 15th time. Times at the opening of the kulmbacher bierwoche present. The association was officially founded in 2000.

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