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Brendel takes gold - kayak aces with silver and bronze

With soft legs and captivated by the magic of the moment, sebastian brendel took a seat on the edge of a white garden table at dorney lake in eton. Spurred on by the message of happiness from his little daughter hanna in the morning, the european champion had paddled to olympic gold in the canoe over 1000 meters. As if in a frenzy, he then experienced the minutes on the podium. "That is overwhelming. You can’t imagine what’s going on inside me right now. The award ceremony was breathtaking," said the potsdam native.

For all his joy, however, he did not forget his team-mates. "What did the foursome do??" Asked brendel. Answer: the women’s paddle quartet missed out on the fifth olympic win in a row for the german coarse boat, finishing second behind hungary. While this winning streak broke, max hoff ended a long drought. With bronze in the single kayak over 1000 meters, the european champion won the first german olympic medal in this discipline since bronze for berlin’s andre wohllebe in 1988.

The peking olympic champions martin hollstein and andreas ihle also finished third in the two-man kayak and made the winning of four medals in four starts for the german canoe federation (DKV) perfect. "It was a nice day and it was also successful," said head coach reiner kiebler

Sebastian brendel was completely overwhelmed by his coup. At the finish line the canadian man shook his head in disbelief: olympic victory – last year’s unlucky athlete is now at the peak of his career at the age of 24. At the 2011 world championships a broken paddle had ruined his chances of winning the title, but now the european champion beat the competition in eton and won the first gold at the london olympics for the german canoeists.

The obligatory bite on the gold medal also removed brendel’s last doubts: he is the first german olympic champion in the one-canoe over 1000 meters since andreas dittmer’s success in sydney 2000.

But brendel’s first thought was of girlfriend romy and the daughter he had seen little of lately and who had contacted him by video. "They put so much back into it, especially in the last two years," he thanked his family. "I liked spending time with my daughter. That came up way too short. I will make up for that now."When the pain was at its worst in the last few meters of the gold race, it was eased by the thought of little hanna: "you have to think of something nice. I immediately thought of my daughter and she probably gave me a lot of strength again."

Before hoff had won the first german canoe medal. With a brilliant final spurt the european champion won bronze. "One of my biggest dreams has come true," said hoff, who has another chance of winning a medal this thursday with the foursome. The winner was norwegian eirik veras larsen ahead of adam van koeverden from canada.

Like the man from essen, hollstein and ihle finished third on the podium. The 2008 olympic champions were beaten by the european champions rudolf dombi and roland kokeny from hungary, followed by fernando timenta and emanuel silva from portugal. "We won the bronze medal and we are proud of it," said hollstein from neubrandenburg. "We were at the end. We are very satisfied with the bronze medal," said ihle from magdeburg, who then gave his fingers to his girlfriend tina dietze in the four-man kayak.

Neither this nor the assistance of bullet-tobreak david storl had been enough for gold. Carolin leonhardt, franziska weber, katrin wagner-augustin and dietze won silver – and were a little crestfallen. "We won silver, but at the first moment we also lost gold," explained stroke woman and storl’s friend leonhardt. "In an hour we can also be happy about silver," said franziska weber, who is competing for medals with partner tina dietze this thursday in the double. "It was like that on the footbridge down there. We have to go there again," the woman from potsdam enthused at the award ceremony.

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