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Bayern kitzingen – TSV karlburg 2:2 (0:2). Goal sequence: 0:1 szymon dynia (36.), 0:2 manuel romlein (43.), 1:2 thorsten gotzelmann (76.), 2:2 oliver strong (82.).

After the draw in the regular season less than two weeks ago in the toto cup, when the progress was decided by penalty shootout, bayern kitzingen and karlburg also separated in the second duel within a very short time after 90 minutes without a winner.
Kitzingen’s starting lineup changed in one position compared to the opening game in neustadt – for the absent jorg otto, thorsten gotzelmann was on the field from the start. In high temperatures, both teams started with commitment, but karlburg’s style of play of actively running against the ball to close the opponent’s spaces and force him to make mistakes was to prove successful.
"Their appearance was not a surprise for us", said kitzingen’s coach wolfgang schneider. For the hosts, gotzelmann directed his players, who sometimes stood too far forward and thus gave away the space ten meters in front of and after the center line. Kitzingen lacked the starting stations, but the long passes hit forward in the emergency did not find their recipient.
When, after a little more than a quarter of an hour, manuel romlein shot a few centimeters over the crossbar from a half-left position, the visitors showed their offensive power for the first time. That gotzelmann then demanded "to be more consistent" and torhuter painted schulze-happe a "auachen, kitzingen" characterized the motionless play of the bavarians. When central defenders philipp schlarb and christopher lenhart failed to clear a long ball into the 16-meter area, szymon dynia broke through and slid the ball past schulze-happe into the empty net.
"The rupture could easily have been prevented", schneider found. When kitzingen’s defense reacted too slowly after a crossbar shot by dynia, manuel romlein extended the guests’ lead before halftime. "I thought that was a bit too high in view of the game shares", schneider gave his verdict on the course of the game, but conceded that the lead had been deserved. For the change of sides the bavaria changed – for the left and right in the offensive midfield playing shawn hilgert and stefan schoderlein from now on agron ibrahimi and florian warschecha stormed. "Both completed many runs forward in the first half. We wanted to exert more pressure right from the start and therefore brought in two ball-secure players", was the procedure after the break. Shortly after the restart, substitute ibrahimi’s free kick beat karlburg goalkeeper thorsten legedza for the first time, who deflected the ball over the crossbar with his fingertips. After a cross from the right by tolga arayici, simon pauly, who was ready to head the ball, failed to put any pressure on it. Although the bavarians lacked further opportunities, schulze-happe loudly urged his front men on: "keep going, we’re still pushing for our goal", he cheered up and was proved right, because after an input gotzelmann asserted himself in the center and heaved the ball into the net for the connecting goal. Karlburg missed the decisive goal when steffen lehofer failed to beat kitzingen’s keeper from close range. While the guests, who started with high intensity, were lagging behind, the home team got its second wind. After a corner by lenhart, oliver stark, who had been jolted up, scored the equalizer. In the final minutes, the bavarians pressed for another goal, but schulze-happe saved the draw with a final save against dynia on a counterattack. "We showed 45 pressure-filled minutes after halftime, which almost turned the game around and earned us a deserved draw", was schneider’s conclusion, who praised the "great morale of my team" turned out.

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