Costs low at the beginning of the heating period

Costs low at the beginning of the heating period

At the start of the cold season, heating costs remain at a low level. But with the turn of the year, there will be a price jump. In germany, fossil energy carriers are subject to a surcharge for the CO2 they release.

The comparison portal check24 reported that heating with gas is eight percent cheaper in the current heating period than in the previous year. Heizol has also recently been more favorable than at any time in the past ten years. In september and october 2020, heating customers therefore had 43 percent lower heating costs than in the same period of the previous year. Heating demand has hardly changed compared to the previous year, he said.

The info portal tecson reported on friday a country wide average price of 40,2 euro for 100 liters (with acceptance of 3000 liters, inclusive of the price of natural gas). Value-added tax). The portal esyoil reported a nationwide average of 37 to 38 euros per 100 liters for a standard delivery.

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New logo of the women’s union

The local chairwoman of the women’s union bad kissingen gudrun heil-franke is pleased about the new appearance of the women’s union and stresses "a really successful new logo, fresh and modern, which pleases particularly also our young members well, it says in the press release of the local association bad kissingen. "The women’s union (FU) is the roughest working group of the CSU. The FU is an important voice of women in bavaria", says the party chairman and minister president markus soder at the presentation of the new appearance of the women’s union.

The new logo of the FU symbolizes this through the modern and elegant implied speech bubble. The vitality and femininity of the women’s union is represented by the color "magenta", which is used for actions and campaigns, emphasizes. Gudrun heil-franke emphasizes that the work of the women’s union in bad kissingen can now be continued with fresh impetus, despite the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic. The afternoon of handicrafts in the vacation program had already shown this.

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Piotr becza?a: art can achieve a lot in times of crisis

Piotr becza?a: art can achieve a lot in times of crisis

On the opera stage, startor piotr becza?A lived through all the highs and lows of a hero – just like his film idol james bond on the screen. He would have liked to play the bond once himself.

But at 53, he’s probably too old for that, says the star and adds, not without a touch of mischief: "I’m only good for the role of the bogeyman. Shortly before easter he had lunch in the bahamas with ex-bond actor sir sean connery. But then came the coronavirus, becza?A had to leave his last place of work new york and ended up in his sudpolish country house in quarantane: "the police checked every day if we were at home."

Becza?A is one of the roughest in his field and is also a person who thinks about the world beyond the stage edge. He now uses the forced break from the opera due to the virus to recharge his batteries. "I do everything now that i normally don’t have time for," says the artist. While his wife was out in the garden, he was able to read a good book again more than before. Currently, it is the novella volume ("play on many drums") by olga tokarczuk, the 2018 polish nobel laureate for literature.

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Corona festival in hochstadt after the pandemic?

The hochstadt showman alexander storzer was actually going to be at the nurnberg spring festival this weekend – but the company’s rides are still waiting in the halls on greiendorfer weg for their first use. They have to do it for a long time. Even for the kerwa in hochstadt they are not needed this year.

As in the whole country, the corona virus cancels all major events in hochstadt until the end of august, including the kirchweih and the altstadtfest. Showman alexander storzer would have liked to enrich the kirchweih again, but he has to cancel this date as well as all others in his busy calendar. That had led him again through the whole of germany.

In the winter, he has invested a lot in the driving business and renovated, still employs four men, but now does not know how it will go on. The income has completely collapsed. He has already received 5,000 euros in immediate aid "but that’s just a drop in the bucket". He would be happy if he got permission from the city to set up an almond stand.

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Gifts revive partnerships

gifts revive partnerships

Adelsdorf – adelsdorf's partnerships remain alive despite corona. Even in corona times, adelsdorf's partnerships with uggiate trevano in italy and with feldbach in austria are thriving.

Since there was no christmas market again, the people of adelsdorf sent a rough package with all kinds of christmas delicacies – donated by edeka degen and the company dr. C. Soldan – to uggiate trevano. There the joy was great.

Package from italy

Days later an italian package with panettone arrived in adelsdorf, meant for the friends of the partnership . Brotherly were shared with the fire department adelsdorf , the red cross , the adelsdorfer musicians and the seniotel adelsdorf .

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Vestekicker: the rough shaking is over

The new landesliga mode turns out to be a stroke of luck for FC coburg. The optimistic calculation of the vestekickers has actually worked out. FCC officials deliberately voted to split the league at the beginning of the season. The coburg team's goal was to finish at least fourth in the preliminary round group, which had been reduced by half the number of teams, in order to be able to participate in the promotion round in the spring of 2022 without any worries. And that is exactly how it is happening now.

Muller feels confirmed in his work

"I am very happy that we have achieved our first goal. Now we have peace for the time being and nothing to do with the descent", rejoices lars muller. The young coach of FC coburg feels confirmed in his work. In the past years, the vestekickers often had to tremble until the last match day or even beyond until the relegation to keep their place in the league. From a sporting point of view, the corona season also suited the FCC: when relegation threatened, the team only stayed in the national league thanks to its better quotient.

The rough and tumble is over for now: "thanks to this system, we have planning certainty ahead of time," recalls the coach, christian tremel, the sporting director. And it is important to his coach that he can already throw young players from the junior performance center, namely those born in 2003, into the deep end in the spring: "the boys can then show themselves in the national league. We'll see where the boys' journey takes them, but we want at least two of them in the 1st division squad. Install a team", promises muller.

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2020 Budget: hochstadt’s slashing concert gets unanimous approval

2020 budget: hochstadt's slashing concert gets unanimous approval

Andreas dorsch the 2020 austerity budget presented by corona was unanimously approved by the hochstadt city council on monday evening. "We have cut everything in the administrative budget that could be cut", said mayor gerald brehm (JL) in advance.

With a volume of 63 million euros, the budget is significantly below those of the past four years. The investments in the property budget were reduced by 47 percent to 25 million compared to the previous year.

SPD spokesman andreas hanjes found it easy to agree "because the year is almost over". With regard to the staff in the town hall, he called for more young people to be trained and for professional employee management to prevent the best employees from leaving for other authorities. Hanjes criticized that positions in city hall are filled without an application process. The SPD is just as positive about the settlement of commercial enterprises as it is about the public discussion of the land use plan.

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