Welcome to rudufersee

Welcome to rudufersee

The rudufersee is one of the most beautiful bathing lakes in the district of lichtenfels. Last year, almost 44,000 visitors used the swimming lake of the municipality of michelau. Starting in april, a flyer will inform english-speaking bathers about the many recreational opportunities at the family-friendly facility.

The idea for this came from the english course of the VHS michelau. Once a week the students meet to learn english. "Learning by doing heib their course. During one of her school lessons on the banks of the rowing lake, the idea came up to combine the practical with the useful. "We learn a living english", explains jennifer thiem, a state-certified foreign language correspondent. In small group work, not only a new design was created, but also a lot of information. The flyer is currently being printed. After that, it will be displayed in the city hall, the german basket museum and in the accommodation establishments.

Mayor helmut fischer expressed his thanks at the handover and pointed out that the lake is not only visited by german-speaking bathers.

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Beer festival at the kulmbach vocational school

beer festival at the kulmbach vocational school

Water and malt, hops and yeast – that's all you get in a beer. This is how the bavarian purity law dictates it. Clearly, the apprentice brewers who are being trained at the vocational school in kulmbach also adhere to this principle.

But there's more to learning the profession of brewer and maltster: you have to put your heart and soul into it ("otherwise you won't be a good brewer"), like master brewer hans wernlein from trebgast female) and professional brewing technology. The technology in the vocational school has been completely outdated. The county, as the state government, has invested almost one million euros – and the result is an ultra-modern training and test brewery, all made of stainless steel and computer-controlled.

To celebrate the day – the new plant was officially inaugurated on thursday – vocational school teacher marco scherl and his class brewed a festive beer: amber-colored, around 5.5 percent alcohol, and very siphony. It is matured for six weeks in one of the five storage tanks – total capacity 700 liters.

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Truth in everyday school life: mr. Teacher, do you also copy down?

truth in everyday school life: mr. teacher, do you also copy down?

Sandra schmid has been a teacher for 19 years. Currently, she teaches a first grade class at the henneberg elementary school in garitz. Principal bernd czelustek brings 26 years of teaching experience to the job. For the saale-zeitung’s theme week, the two talk about how the truth works in everyday school life – even if it’s not always easy, of course.

For example, is a teacher allowed to look when children ask her if she used to copy their homework?? "Lugen always sounds so hard", says schmid and laughs. But, of course, she is in a dilemma: either she tells the truth in such a case and is not a good role model, or she lies – and is not a good role model either. "I have never been asked that before. But if, I would probably answer that I also once wrote off, but naturally regretted it afterwards." Admitting mistakes openly. A teacher should also.

Good reasons for a luge?

"The subject is much more complex than can be presented only in black and white. There are different shades of truth and lies", thinks czelustek. That’s why every case should be looked at closely. Does the teacher tell the truth? Is it perhaps a mistake?? He deliberately leers? Not every luge is the same as a luge, there are gradations. "Sometimes it’s just about getting attention, like when a child says ‘I’m sick’ in class", he says.

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Values in the focus of the bad bruckenau middle schoolers

"I am particularly pleased with the broad bandwidth that the colleagues have focused on during the preparation of the event", said principal birgit herre when looking at the program of the project day at the bad bruckenau middle school. Because values were today more than ever practically in all areas of life a rough role play. "That’s why it’s important to keep pointing out this spectrum to young people and to continually offer them a variety of experiences, explained your deputy marco genzler.

External workshopleaders

In order to give the project day, which was held in this form for the first time, as broad a basis as possible, not only the local teachers were active at the individual stations. Birgit herre had been able to recruit a number of external workshop leaders from the network for migration work in the district of bad kissingen, in which she herself has been involved in the steering group for a long time. "It’s always good for young people to see different faces and hear new opinions from their teachers. This enriches the process and makes things even more exciting", according to the rector.

The individual workshops, each with between ten and twelve participants, took place across the classes. In this constellation, the padagogues saw several advantages at once. "The girls and boys of the entire middle school and different age groups get to know each other better. And the small groups that had formed in the course of the school year during the lessons in the individual class groups were not sitting together again."

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The vg grub am forst is debt-free

The vg grub am forst is debt-free

A pleasant news came on thursday from chamberer michael heb. "The VG is debt-free" he said at the meeting of the grub am forst administrative community, which was held at the niederfullbach burgerhaus. The board took note of the financial report and the report on the audit of the accounts for the 2015 and 2016 financial years. The book balance is therefore 10.840 euro.

In addition to the budget, the members of the VG also discussed the use of the playground of the elementary school in grub am forst as a parking lot. The members decided that in the future, in consultation with the school administration and the janitor, cars may be parked there on days when there is no school, in the context of events. "If there are no lessons and therefore no danger for the children, there is nothing to be said against it",said, for example, marita pollex-claus (CSU). For example, visitors and participants of the air show, the hiking friends or the sangers should be allowed to park their cars in the schoolyard during the event. It was important to the councilors that this be discussed with the school administration. It should be ensured that no school events take place. This means that the school playground is off-limits to cars during the school christmas party.

Capute engine

The VG has decided to purchase two new vehicles financed by advertising. Priority should be given to the promotion of a youth bus, if possible as a petrol bus. In addition, a smaller electric car is to be purchased. As the VG chairman and mayor of the municipality of grub am forst, jurgen wittmann (gfg), informed us, the previous youth bus has given up the ghost. "The youth welfare officer is currently without a vehicle", he pointed out the urgency. The bus is only seven years old and has only 70 seats.000 kilometers on the speedometer, nevertheless the engine is broken according to information of the workshop.

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After-school care in mabbach: additional costs and one more trip

The extent to which the school bus transportation schedules have been sewn up became clear at the meeting of the mabbach market town council. Because it turned out that not even five minutes could be extracted from the whole set of numbers. Whereby this number is only possible through the participation of two bus companies, but also complicated. Two routes are currently operated by the companies seger in munnerstadt and seger in poppenlauer.

This has worked well up to now, but at the beginning of this school year it was decided to accommodate some of the after-school children from the elementary school in poppenlauer in the after-school care center at the secondary school in mabbach. This should be done by seger (poppenlauer) in passing, so to speak, which had meant a detour of five minutes. But the company, according to mayor matthias klement (CSU), felt unable to do this, because it would delay the subsequent schedule, including scheduled traffic in schweinfurt.

At seger (munnerstadt), klement became fundig. The company still had the capacity and took over the transportation. However, this means a longer trip for the children. Because the trip to the after-school care center in mabbach can only continue once the schools in weichtungen, thundorf and rothhausen have been brought home. This means an additional cost of 35 euros per trip, i.E. 3500 euros for the first half of the school year. For the second half of the year, the municipality must issue a new call for tenders for the school bus service. Then the detour is to be incorporated into the plan.

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The hebdorf wheel camp was built on sandy loam

"The reich labor service (RAD) is an honorary service to the german people. All young germans of both sexes are obliged to serve their people in the reich labor service. It is supposed to … Above all to educate to the due respect of the manual labor. The reichsarbeitsdienst is intended for the performance of public service work." As stated in the first paragraph of a law passed by the german reichsregierung on 26. June 1935.
The nazi rulers set up a large number of labor camps in franconia, especially in the "underdeveloped areas" were created, for example, in the rhon, at the edge of the fichtelgebirge and in the steigerwald (scheinfeld), in the economically weakly developed west central franconia (gunzenhausen, lichtenau) or in the coarse area nurnberg (moorenbrunn).

On sandy loam

In the region west of erlangen, especially in the seebachgrund, the focus was on flood regulation, because the area between grobenseebach and mohrendorf/kleinseebach, where the seebach flows into the regnitz, was repeatedly hit by flooding. Between the 15. January and the 1. April 1937 the hebdorfer camp was built near today’s sportgeland "auf sandigem lehmboden" built. Until the actual accommodations for the RAD men were completed, the drafted 19 to 25 year olds were housed in the inns in untermembach, hebdorf and hannberg.
On 10. In april the regulation of the seebach began. Even if this work was a priority, the RAD members were repeatedly assigned to other activities: to harvest hay in hebdorf, munchaurach, frauenaurach or kosbach, but also to pluck hops in the spalt area or to harvest grain on the hesselberg and in the area around nurnberg, as well as for the reich party rallies in nurnberg or to set up other camps such as in adelsdorf or even for regulation work on the neckar in the ludwigsburg district.

Many "foreign jobs

Through these "fremdeinsatze the actual regulation work on the seebach was strongly neglected. The result: due to strong floods, the already rehabilitated creek bed silted up again and the boschungen fortified in grobdechsendorf were undercut in places. In spite of all obstacles, by the end of march 1938, about 2150 meters of the new creek bed could be handed over to the building authority. Additional bridges were completed in grobdechsendorf and to the schutzenwehr in hebdorf.
Because the soil was very rich in groundwater, some of the shelters (holzhauser) erected from 1937 onwards were founded on pile grates during the construction of the camp, while the commercial building was placed on a concrete base. The camp consisted of four wooden buildings as well as a driver’s house, an administration building, a chamber house, a toilet house ("aborthaus") and a solidly built pigsty. It had 3200 square meters of garden area, which the "workmen" used for their work edit for self-sufficiency. In the summer of 1937, the camp was given its own sports field.
And because the city garden office of nurnberg and other nurseries of the noris donated 150 rose bushes and 400 shrubs, it also received a friendly exterior.

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Kirchweih sermon was the high point

The krautheimers celebrated kirchweih on the weekend with the festivities around the community center. Highlight was the church sermon on sunday according to the press release.

"The summer of 2018 was really terrific, but unfortunately, even after this summer, school will be starting again soon." So the kirchweih youth had gathered as a school class to recite the village incidents of the past year to an interested audience: of car drivers whose hanger got stuck in the mud when there was still rain in krautheim; and those who lost their hanger.

The speech was about a fire department operation, whose alarming turned out to be particularly difficult, because because of a thunderstorm in the whole village the current had failed: "one made oneself thus on the way from house to house and rang the others out. Arrived at the place of the happening then, one took a puny branch from the away."The goat catcher of krautheim, who tried to recapture his runaway young goats with the help of his children, achieved fame. Less glorious appeared the episode around a fubballer, who seemed to have lost his wallet after the not exactly alcohol-free end-of-season party despite diligent search. "So he secretly, quietly reorganized all the cards, he hoped that was the end of the matter, he had embarrassed himself enough."But at the first training session of the new season, he found more than just his wallet in the dressing room. He was stuck in his pants on the coat hook. "So he didn’t just misplace the bag, no, he probably went home without his pants as well."

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Commemoration in a small circle

Due to the situation, a silent commemoration had to replace the commemoration of the victims of the pogrom night at the seelhausplatz, which was usually carried out by the citizens of burg and the city. Here, where once stood the synagogue of the city of saale, the mayor and the clergy of both denominations as well as a small representative circle dedicated a memorial to the victims of this inconceivable event.

"It is regrettable that we cannot commemorate together with well over 100 people as in previous years. I am nevertheless grateful that we can – under the given circumstances – hold a full, official commemoration", according to mayor armin warmuth in the presence of his deputies elisabeth assmann and christian fenn.

From an eyewitness account, warmuth read out the events of the 9th anniversary. November 1938, when NSDAP groups of the sort vandalized the apartments of fellow jews and intimidated the neighbors, who watched in horror from behind the curtains. With bitterness they had to watch how even the almost blind old samuel sichel was led away to prison. The following day, the hordes threw religious objects from the hammelburg synagogue into the courtyard and smashed the tablet with the ten commandments.

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Wolf’s throat: the old road surface is already gone

wolf's throat: the old road surface is already gone

About a hundred trees have fallen. The containers for people and material are in place and the detour routes are signposted: in the wolfskehle everything is ready for what is currently probably the largest construction site in the city of kulmbach.
Yesterday, the official starting signal was given for the flood clearance and canal rehabilitation on a 500-meter-long section of the project. The wolfskehle has been closed to through traffic for two weeks now. Trees and shrubs had to be removed. A specialist company located the existing sewer connections so that the house connections could later be connected to the new sewer without any problems. Yesterday, workers from gunther-bau in stadtsteinach began removing the old pavement and disposing of it properly.

Until christmas the construction should be finished. For the residents of the so called "rangen-villages" this means: detours. And for the residents of wolfskehle: improvise.

Although the city of kulmbach has firmly promised that the properties are always accessible during the construction period. "Always" but not "around the clock". For example, when trees were felled in recent days, the road was blocked. "This cannot be avoided", says jochen fischer, who lives with his family at the lower end of the construction site. He assumes that in the next few months access to his home will be impossible from time to time. He will then have to put up with a few minutes' walk from the site.

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