Transporting the christmas tree correctly

Transporting the Christmas tree correctly

With the upcoming festive season, the purchase of a christmas tree is again on the agenda. Again and again, police officers notice that the fir trees are driven home in an adventurous way in the car. The tree sticks out of the sunroof or looks out of the side of the passenger window. Thus the hobby transporters endanger themselves and others, it is said in the message from the district office.

To avoid fines and warnings, the police inspection bamberg-land advises not to drive around with unsecured loads. Because: if an accident happens, the insurance company can demand reimbursement because of negligent behavior.

Do not obstruct the view

The district office points out that the tree in the car may not block the view. The view into the mirrors must be free. If the tree is transported on the roof, it must be lashed down tightly. License plates, headlights, turn signals and rear lights must not be obscured by the tree poles. If it protrudes more than one meter over the rear of the wagon, a red warning flag or a sign swinging across the direction of travel must be placed at the end of the trunk. In the dark, a combination of a red light and a red jerk light is required instead. The safety devices were not allowed to be placed higher than 1.5 meters above the roadway.

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Tourism commissioner: travel must not become a danger

tourism commissioner: travel must not become a danger

The federal government’s tourism commissioner, thomas bareib, has appealed to holidaymakers returning from risk areas to actually get tested for the coronavirus. "This is for the farmer’s own protection, but also for general safety," the economic secretary said.

"Travelers from high-risk areas by train and car should also be tested. Travel must not become a danger," says bareib. Every individual bears a special responsibility for his fellow human beings.

"In the future, safe and healthy travel will have a whole new status," said bareib. "A mandatory quick test at the airport, for example, can go a long way to achieving this." The new aviation president peter gerber sees mandatory testing as the first basis for reviving global air traffic. "We need to make travel more feasible again, with a set of tools that allows us to respond responsibly and flexibly to developments in the infectious disease situation," gerber told news agencies dpa and dpa-AFX.

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Pulpit exchange sunday: pastors go on a pilgrimage

pulpit exchange sunday: pastors go on a pilgrimage

Thomas kretschmar has been dean of kulmbach for three years now. He has since become acquainted with all of the 25 parishes that belong to the deanery. The community of wirsberg. He preached in the local st. Johanniskirche admittedly never.

That should change: on sunday, 26. January, will the wirsberger the dean "live" experience.

And the local pastor peter brunnhauber? The migrates. He is holding the service this sunday at the evangelical church in stadtsteinach. Meanwhile, the pastors of the parish untersteinach also go on a hike. Wolfgang oertel from untersteinach preaches in the mangersreuth church, sigrun wagner from rugendorf can be found in grafengehaig, and martin fleischmann from guttenberg holds two services – one in the spital church and one in the nikolai church in kulmbach.

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Battle for starting spots continues – klose wants to play

battle for starting spots continues - klose wants to play

"Of course everyone wants to play," said 120-time international miroslav klose, who replaced germany's tournament top scorer mario gomez in the 4-2 quarterfinal win over greece. In the end, the coach has the choice between two classic strikers: "this is a gift for him and our team," said klose. In the semifinals could also play the other again.

Munich's thomas muller, who was only a substitute against the greeks, wanted to play from the start again on thursday in warsaw. But even he puts his ego behind the interests of the team. "That's the advantage of having such a high quality squad, that you can rotate through well. There are now many players who have already played, which is more beneficial than detrimental to the team climate," the bayern professional emphasized. "I wasn't happy about it," gomez remarked about his relegation to the bench: "but even more important is that we're in the semifinals."

Low plans to put his 23 players to the test again today in the last training session in gdansk. Bastian schweinsteiger, who recently missed a number of training sessions due to a bone sprain, has also returned to team training. The sporting management around national coach low assumes that the munich midfield organizer will be able to play against the four-time world champions italy. On wednesday, the DFB squad will break camp in gdansk and travel to the polish capital. After the first ever tournament victory against italy, the team will travel on to the final in kiev on friday.

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Stadtsteinach bypass: gigantic earthworks

"We are on schedule. We are even a little bit ahead." Siegfried beck is satisfied when he looks at the vehicles that drive back and forth like ants on the brauen trasse. Tractors and heavy trucks bring material and transport excavated earth away. Incessantly the engines hum on the section between hainbergstrabe and vogtendorfer weg, where massive earthmoving is underway. They are necessary for the construction of the stadtsteinach bypass.

This is where part of the new road will run, which is supposed to keep the bulk of the traffic (between 6,500 and 7,000 vehicles a day) out of the town, explains beck, who is the construction director at the bayreuth state construction office. "Especially the rough trucks are left under the hood." The construction of the stadtsteinach bypass forms the second part of our mini-series on three rough road projects in the district.

In the meantime, it is already relatively easy to see how the new B 303 will run, how the bridges will be connected, which last year still stood forlorn and lonely in the area. "In total there are six "brucken, explains beck. Three of them had already been built before the actual construction of the line because, unlike the other three structures, they did not have to be built into the cut of the future federal highway.

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