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Christ Child vera brought songs and presents

On the morning of christmas eve christiane and johannes weib held the catholic word of god celebration at the seniotel in adelsdorf.

Joy in prayer and song

They gave the seniors a bit of christmas joy in prayer and singing together.

Especially on festive days, it is often difficult for the residents of an old people’s home to be alone and many a drink flows down the cheeks furrowed by old age. To everyone’s surprise, the adelsdorf christian child vera came by with her little angels after the liturgy.

He spoke his prologue and played christmas carols on the transverse flute, with some of the residents humming along quietly with their eyes closed or singing along aloud.

Gifts distributed

Afterwards, the christ child and his heavenly helpers distributed the gifts to the seniors, and they also visited the bedridden in their rooms.

"It makes the angels and me and already a little sadly and thoughtfully to see here the old, often ill people, who celebrate without family only in the circle of their fellow inhabitants the actually most beautiful celebration of the year", according to christ child vera.

Something good done

With the comforting thought in the back of their minds that they had done something good, the heavenly visitors fall in love with the old people’s home

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