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As the first district in northern bavaria, the district of lower franconia now employs a climate protection manager. Viktor antlitz is to develop an integrated climate protection concept for the district over the next two years "so that we can be even more careful with natural resources", explained district president erwin dotzel, who buried the 27-year-old engineer in his new workplace.

Antlitz, who studied energy technology in erlangen, will initially focus his work on procurement, mobility, IT structures, real estate, and heat and cold generation. Antlitz is aware that he has to do real pioneering work, as there is nothing comparable in other districts yet. At the top of his to-do list are, for example, the purchase and use of regional and seasonal products or the use of reusable bottles instead of disposable containers for the cakes of the district hospitals.

One of the new climate protection manager’s main goals is to get district employees to leave their cars behind more often on their way to work and use public transportation or bicycles instead.

Born in schweinfurt

The native of schweinfurt "rides setting a good example. He rides his racing bike from his apartment in the center of wurzburg to the office every day. In other respects, too, he tends to be an outdoor type who enjoys climbing or the new trendy sport of stand-up paddling – in other words, all activities that do not involve CO2 emissions.

At 27, viktor antlitz is part of a generation that will one day feel the full impact of climate change. That may also have been his motivation for studying energy technology. "I always wanted to get involved in the field of energy management", according to the new district representative. Over the past two and a half years, the young engineer has been able to gain important initial experience at a wurzburg-based engineering firm for building technology, which he now intends to apply to his new job at the district.

The new position will be funded by the federal ministry of the environment for two years at a 65 percent rate demanded by ptj julich and is related to the implementation of the federal government’s climate change goals. "Half a year ago, we had the idea of hiring a climate protection manager, and now he’s sitting in front of us.", dotzel was pleased. This shows how quickly some things can be realized, says the district president.

With the national climate protection initiative, the federal ministry for the environment has been initiating and calling for numerous projects since 2008 that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Her programs and projects cover a wide range of climate protection activities: from the development of long-term strategies to concrete assistance and investment demands.

The national climate protection initiative contributes to anchoring climate protection locally. It benefits consumers as well as companies, municipalities and educational institutions.

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