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The hochstadt showman alexander storzer was actually going to be at the nurnberg spring festival this weekend – but the company’s rides are still waiting in the halls on greiendorfer weg for their first use. They have to do it for a long time. Even for the kerwa in hochstadt they are not needed this year.

As in the whole country, the corona virus cancels all major events in hochstadt until the end of august, including the kirchweih and the altstadtfest. Showman alexander storzer would have liked to enrich the kirchweih again, but he has to cancel this date as well as all others in his busy calendar. That had led him again through the whole of germany.

In the winter, he has invested a lot in the driving business and renovated, still employs four men, but now does not know how it will go on. The income has completely collapsed. He has already received 5,000 euros in immediate aid "but that’s just a drop in the bucket". He would be happy if he got permission from the city to set up an almond stand.

Spatially dispersed

Hochstadt’s mayor gerald brehm (JL) wants to help the breweries as well as his exhibitors after the cancellation of the kerwa and the old town festival and is already making plans for a "corona festival in the positive sense". This could be pulled apart spatially – from the land of the fortuna kulturfabrik over the city center to the engelgarten.

"People already want to party again", says brehm. With restrictions and distance the community should nevertheless be cultivated. The mayor hopes to get a signal from the government by the end of may that celebrations will be allowed again in the fall. In addition it liked then the showmen, breweries and associations with in the boat to bring.

One of the clubs that will lose a main source of income with the old town festival is the skiclub hochstadt. He was present at a festival in the fall, says chairman hubert scheidel. In the current situation, the ski club wants to resort to backups. Scheidel: "we are not applying for immediate aid and are meeting our payment obligations." These are mainly the costs for the club’s own vacation apartment in fieberbrunn in tyrol. The may not be rented because of corona since the end of february. Scheidel hopes, however, that more ski club members will want to vacation in the tyrolean mountains this summer. The time, in which now no vacationers to tirol were allowed to enter, uses the association, in order to renovate bader.

Huge drop in sales expected at hochstadt brewery due to corona pandemic. The brewery is losing other sources of revenue in addition to the many church fairs and festivals in the region. "Normally now the inns were completely full", says managing director michael ackermann. Communions, confirmations and weddings were celebrated in the local area, in addition the easter excursionists – all this breaks away. St. John’s bonfires are canceled, as is the hochstadter schlosshof festival – which the brewery has postponed for a year with the same program.

"From 1. May until 17. October we were completely booked up", says ackermann. Every weekend the brewery had another party with drinks, tables and benches. This is currently no longer the case, nor is the supply of numerous sportsmen’s, club and fire department homes.

Six employees work at the brewery on a permanent basis, plus 30 temporary staff during the season. They won’t be needed this summer. Summer income also helps pay permanent staff in winter, says manager. Currently, the brewery has to make do with what private individuals and companies implement

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