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Decision on ed sheeran concert postponed

The decision about an ed sheeran concert in dusseldorf has been postponed at short notice. The planning department has withdrawn its proposal, a spokesman for the mayor of dusseldorf, thomas geisel (SPD), said on tuesday.

The meeting of the planning committee planned for this wednesday will not take place.

With the postponement, the supporters of the concert around mayor thomas geisel (SPD) gain time. In geisel’s opinion, the city would suffer "dramatic damage to its reputation" if the concert were to be canceled. He criticized the CDU faction. The committee had decided on monday evening to deny approval of the concert.

"I can see no objective reason to refuse permission for this event," said mayor thomas geisel (SPD). The concert is apparently to be "sacrificed to political considerations". For dusseldorf, a "great opportunity is being missed": on the site of the trade fair parking lot, "the largest urban event area in north rhine-westphalia" is to be created. It is excellently connected and ideally suited.

About 100 trees are to be felled for the concert area. The encroachment on nature is comparatively small on the largely asphalted flat and is more than compensated for by compensation, said geisel.

After the greens, the CDU council faction also decided on monday evening to reject the mega-event with 85,000 spectators, despite the fact that tickets had already been sold. "There are simply too many unanswered questions that cannot be answered under the pressure of time," thomas jarzombek, head of the dusseldorf CDU, had said.

The concert organizer FKP scorpio disagreed: the planning of the concert had been done with enough advance notice. The dusseldorf authorities had already signaled months ago that the concert was feasible. In more than 30 years as a concert organizer, we have never received a cancellation after such a signal.

The committee is now scheduled to meet on 27. June meeting. Until then, the request of local politicians for more information will be fulfilled and a revised proposal will be presented. In this way, the committee members will be able to see all the requirements by then.

There was no compromise on safety in dusseldorf, a fire department spokesman stressed. "We experienced the loveparade disaster first hand. Our demands have all been met."The situation in dusseldorf is not comparable with that in duisburg. There are no bottlenecks without escape routes. In the event of a storm, the exhibition halls and the arena would be ready for shelter.

Sheeran ("perfect") is scheduled to perform on 22. July to perform in front of 85,000 spectators in dusseldorf. The tickets are already sold. So far there is no permit for the land.

When asked how ed sheeran’s management perceived the situation, he said they were "irritated. It was also not possible to spread the concert over two evenings in the nearby arena: "the tour schedule does not allow for that," said michael brill from the organizer D-live.

Originally, the concert was to have taken place at the airport in essen/mulheim. But that failed there because of nesting of the skylark and possible bomb-blindgangers from the war.

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