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Several rounds of chutes were pulled on thursday at 18.30 o’clock a ten-year-old fubgangerin, which was hit at the crossing by a cyclist, who ran the traffic light at red, too. This is what the coburg police department has to say. The cyclist, coming from goethestrabe, drove through the intersection in the direction of bamberger strabe despite the red light. At the fubganger traffic light, the girl, who was on her way to fub with her family, crossed the fubgangerfurt from schillerplatz in the direction of schutzenstrabe. The cyclist touched the child and fled the scene of the accident, but was later apprehended by a police patrol in a nearby parking lot. Then he tried to climb a construction fence to elude the officers by fleeing. However, this did not succeed. He could be arrested on the spot. During the investigation, the person who caused the accident was found to be under the influence of alcohol and intoxicants. During the examination of the bicycle the officials determined besides that this was stolen. This may ultimately have been the reason for the flight of the 32-year-old. The coburg police department is investigating him for bicycle theft, road traffic endangerment and negligent bodily injury after a traffic accident

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