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ex-bayern player celebrates the triple in kulmbach

A delegation of the FC bayern-fanclub plassenburg-kulmbach celebrated the triple of the bavarian team on wednesday evening in the guesthouse "hagleite". Innkeeper gunter limmer had invited a special guest to the meeting: karl-heinz wohland had celebrated his transfer from ats kulmbach to fc bayern munich in 1977 with the bavarian ruffians of the time.

"The sovereign victory of the german championship by the bavarian team has once again made me leaf through my guest book", said gunter limmer. He looked at the double page of 14. July 1977. "On that day, the draw between ats kulmbach and FC bayern munchen for karl-heinz wohland took place in kulmbach. Afterwards, the players from both teams came to my restaurant together with the then bayern coach dettmar cramer. Hundreds of people were sitting on the ranga next to the economy to see how the two teams arrived", the hagleiten innkeeper recalled.
While looking at the page he spontaneously decided: "if bayern wins the champions league, i will invite the fanclub and karl-heinz wohland to my place for a victory party!"

A heap of money
A lot of memories were refreshed in the process. "In the late fall of 1976, the player manager of the bavarian team, robert schwan, called me", karl-heinz wohland chatted out of the closet. Due to his excellent performance at ATS kulmbach, other national league clubs had already contacted him at that time. "In january or february 1977, i was in munich to sign the contract. Back then, they offered money that i didn't even know existed all at once", he thought back to the time.

In front of 7500 spectators
A unique experience for the then 24-year-old was the draw in front of around 7,500 spectators in the old georg hagen stadium, which was almost bursting at the seams, and in which he played for the bavarians. After two goals from uli hoeneb and gerd muller and a goal from alfred bock, munich beat the then bavarian league runners-up 2:1.

The attacking midfielder settled in very well in munich. Especially with klaus augenthaler, whom he already knew from playing together in the bavarian national team, he got along splendidly: "he introduced me to the nightlife in schwabing", so well. "Also the other players were all normal people. Only at the training it went already to the thing, because everyone wanted to recommend itself for the play." The thurnau native stayed with the bavarians for two seasons.

Hoeneb was thirsty
Gunter limmer likes to think back to the celebration of the 14. July 1977 back, especially the arrival of uli hoeneb. "He came into the restaurant and said: 'I'm thirsty!I then gave him a three-liter jug of beer and he took a very nice draught. It was a great experience to celebrate with sepp maier, gerd muller, karl-heinz rummenigge, 'katsche' schwarzenbeck and the other players!", according to gunter limmer.

His wife hanne limmer also remembers the evening: "we had to close up because we couldn't let all the people in. Nevertheless, new ones kept showing up, which totally amazed us. At some point we realized that they had crawled in through the open toilet window!"

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