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Experts expect increasing number of wolf hybrids

With the spread of wolves in germany, the likelihood of mating with dogs is increasing. "Theoretically, wolf hybrids can develop wherever wolves and dogs meet," the environmental ministry of rhineland-palatinate announced in mainz.

The hybrids are said to be able to survive in the wild. They could be less shy and therefore more dangerous than purebred wolves. This in turn could make it necessary to dead.

So far, there have only been a few proven individual cases, as reported by the documentation and advisory office of the federal government on the subject of wolves (DBBW) in the saxonian town of gorlitz. Wolves are a strictly protected species, even wolf hybrids enjoy protection and are only allowed to be killed with a nature conservation exemption permit.

In 2003, a female wolf mated with a dog near neustadt/spree in saxony, and six puppies were found. Two were captured, placed in a pen and later euthanized, according to DBBW. In 2017, a case became known at the thuringian troop cubing site near ohrdruf; again, a female wolf and a dog had six offspring. The capture of the mongrels failed. Three were killed, the others probably continue to roam the area, according to the thuringian ministry of the environment.

Since the turn of the millennium, wolves have been reproducing in germany after being thought extinct for about 150 years. There are about 800 of the animals nationwide, mostly in lower saxony and eastern germany.

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