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All farmers’ day visitors were aware of the hot topics such as "plate or tank", wind turbines and flat areas for photovoltaics were known and they had experienced some of the unrest in their communities. Member of the bundestag heinrich rudrof (CSU) commented on this issue in his opening speech at the jurabauerntag in konigsfeld and reminded the audience that the energy turnaround had been decided by the state and the federal government. Rudrof: "for me, agriculture is first and foremost about food, and the natural landscape must not be spoiled. But in addition, the questions of energy storage, base load and pipeline construction still need to be clarified. After that, it’s a matter of carefully removing the cars."

Other topics, namely current agricultural policy and agricultural reform, were addressed by the deputy president of the upper franconian farmers’ association, gerhard ehrlich from coburg, in his festive speech. Ehrlich sees two major problems for farmers with the 2014 agricultural reform: on the one hand, a drop in compensation payments and, on the other, exaggerated demands for animal welfare and environmental protection. "We farmers make an essential contribution in agriculture and forestry to the three major challenges in our globalized world: ensuring that people are fed with high-quality and healthy food, supplying energy and raw materials, and managing our land in a climate-friendly and sustainable way and with livestock farming that meets all requirements in a timely and economical manner", he said.

"Despite higher standards of environmental, animal and consumer protection, we must be able to compete with world market prices. In the future, despite all our efforts for regional products, we will not receive producer prices that give us a chance to exist without compensation payments! In addition to financial support, we farmers need reliable conditions that enable us not only to meet the demands of politics, but also to farm in such a way that we can live contentedly on our farms. For me, living contentedly means that ideological or exaggerated demands on the subject of animal welfare or environmental protection from a handful of extremists, who imagine they know something about agriculture, are not allowed to enter into agricultural policy."
The deputy county farmer marion link added a request to her closing remarks: "i would like to see more cooperation and togetherness". We should not only look for our own advantage, but rather cultivate the conversation in the family and in the village!"

Many craftsmen took care of the decoration of the church, the tying of the harvest crown and the presentation of the various harvest offerings. The work of the mesner family, the local farmers and the women of the french-swiss association received praise and recognition from all sides. The harvest crown, which was proudly carried into the church by the young farmers and then brought into the schleuppner hall in a procession, was also admired. And guests were numerous: the representatives of the associations and authorities, district administrator gunter denzler (CSU), his deputy johann pfister (BBL), mdl heinrich rudrof, six mayors and the most important people on this day, the jura farmers.

"Here, people still say "thank you" for their harvest at church service, lifted landrat denzler highlighted in his keynote speech. "We should be satisfied with the harvest", heinrich faatz, chairman of the BBV, said: "we are happy that we have been spared most of the storms and accidents!"

Mayor gisela hofmann (burgerblock) was pleased with the commitment of her citizens and expressed her special thanks to the deputy county farmer sophie lindner from konigsfeld who had left the council. At the same time, she congratulated the new deputy, marion link, grobbirkach, on her voluntary work. The event was musically accompanied by the brass band of aufsebtaler.

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