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Federal government audits reclamation claims against airbus

In view of the announced halt to production of the A380 giant jet, the federal government is making reclamations against the aircraft manufacturer airbus.

The consequences have now been analyzed and discussed with the company, said a spokeswoman for the ministry of economy.

No information could yet be provided on any further claims for repayment of a loan worth millions of euros. The group did not comment on the content of the speech – but referred in general to positive financial effects for germany in the course of the project so far.

The ministry confirmed that around one-third of a loan of 942 million euros granted at the time for the development of the A380 has been repaid so far. The newspapers of the funke media group also reported on this (monday). The loan repayments were made on an ongoing basis – linked to the delivery of the A380.

An airbus spokesman said in response to a question that the company would talk to the federal government about demands for repayment. However, the federal republic has received high interest payments from airbus since the A380 loan was granted in 2002. In addition, the jet has led to a large number of jobs and the development of technology at a high level in germany over the past 18 years.

FDP caucus vice chairman christian durr accused the government of cluelessness. "Instead of clear announcements on how it can reclaim the loan it has been granted, it now has to rely on negotiating with airbus behind closed doors."This is yet another example of what happens when the state intervenes in the business world.

Airbus announced in mid-february that it would discontinue A380 production due to lack of demand. The last delivery is planned for 2021. The end of the A380 also affects the taxpayers. Public funds flowed into the development primarily from france, germany and spain. Airbus had stressed that the A380 project was not over – after all, they wanted to continue supporting the existing fleet.

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