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Four new rescue divers at the dlrg

The last few weeks have shown once again how important swimming skills can be. But also the rescue from the water of people in distress is becoming more and more important. The tragic bathing accident in trebgast at the bathing lake showed this quite clearly once again.

To ensure that everything runs as safely as possible, the rescue workers must of course be appropriately trained. Four new rescue divers were trained at DLRG burgkunstadt. After several months of training, the four DLRG burgkunstadt rescue workers have completed the course to become rescue divers. The training included physical knowledge about pressure and dive calculations as well as medical background on overpressure injuries, deep intoxication and diver’s sickness. In the practical part of the training, the newly qualified frogmen learned everything about searching for people under water, diving under difficult conditions, such as under ice or at night, and recovering sunken vehicles from the water.

All four had to prove their physical fitness even before the training started. Countless hours of practice under water, in poor visibility and low temperatures followed. In the tragic accident in the trebgas swimming lake, u.A. Burgkunstadt diving team also called upon. With a total of eleven rescue divers, the DLRG is the largest rescue diving group in the eastern part of the district.

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