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With karl graf von stauffenberg, representatives of the free democratic party and FDP buried a guest in their political cafe whose family history is deeply interwoven with the theme of freedom. His grandfather, claus von stauffenberg, went down as a "hitler assassin" of the 20. July 1944 into german history. The event still moves society today and shaped the lives of the stauffenberg family.

During the event, karl von stauffenberg gave an insight into his recently published book "aus verantwortung" ("out of responsibility"). In it, he shares how his family’s post-war life was after the assassination and how his grandfather’s actions also influenced his personal life. He describes how his political interest grew to become a liberal politician and today FDP district chairman, who is committed to fighting extremism of any color.

In 2015 he founded the association "mittendrin statt extrem daneben e". V.". He is committed to warning youth and young adults about political or ideological extremes and the potential impact on personal freedom, the rule of law and democracy. He likes to be "in the thick of things in school classes to discuss thoughts and opinions with the pupils and to convey: "freedom is the most important value. The freedom to say, think and do what one liked, or not to do what one did not like."

Whether his name is "turoffner for his work be?, asked adelheid zimmermann, who moderated the evening. Von stauffenberg answered with a "clear no". The "yes" applies in particular to his foundation work. Here the name would be helpful, because it conveys the direct historical reference. In principle, however, he does not feel his name as a privilege, but rather as an obligation.

The subtitle of his book certainly arouses curiosity about how history and the present are connected with each other: "what modern liberalism has done to the 20th century". July 1944." In the course of the evening, this association, the "red thread", became a reality clearly: it is the unbreakable longing for freedom, for free life. Followed by responsibility for society and commitment, because without action and deeds no results. "Personal freedom is closely linked to responsibility for the society in which we all live. Only with commitment and responsibility can a modern liberal society survive and develop further, says von stauffenberg. That applies in the "rough" politics as in the communal sphere up to the individual shaping of life. The liberal conviction in his book can be read as follows. Shortly before the elections, local tasks naturally came into focus. To strengthen the rural area, that’s what he stands for in his capacity as a candidate for the district council of rhongrabfeld.

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