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Frensdorf does its homework

There is always something to do, says a well-known advertising slogan. For the clearing plant and building yard of the municipality of frensdorf, it could not be more appropriate. Although enormous investments have already been made in the past few years, new m acceptances are imminent. After all, in a growing community, the infrastructure has to keep pace as well. This is what mayor jakobus kotzner wanted in a "meeting on site demonstrate in particular to the new town councils.

Slowly but steadily, according to the mayor, frensdorf and its 14 districts have grown to a population of 5,200 in recent years. The capacity of the municipal clearing plant is also being used to capacity. Whereby the southern parts of the municipality with the villages schlusselau, herrnsdorf, ellersdorf, lonnershof and wingersdorf discharge their wastewater into the clearing plant in sambach via a wastewater association.

Nevertheless, there is "not much air left" in the plant in frensdorf, how the klarwarter georg dauer and daniel amtmann love to hear. The municipality has already taken action and has commissioned an engineering firm from bamberg with recalculations.

New clear sludge press

However, an important investment in the future can be checked off as completed: at the end of december, a new stationary clear sludge press was put into operation. 560000 euro invested by the municipality in the press including the plant building. The acquisition had become necessary because clear sludge may no longer be used in agriculture.

"Although we have no problem with pollutants in the clear sludge", as mayor kotzner emphasizes. Nevertheless, he is "glad that we decided and acted in time". Up to 75 percent of the water is squeezed out of the clear sludge. The pressed water will be fed into the clarification plant and purified there. The already very dry remainder of the clear sludge will be removed and further dried. Soon that will happen at the district’s drying plant, which is being built in strullendorf.

In the same meeting, the council made a binding declaration that in the future they would leave their clear sludge to the plant planned by regionalwerke bamberg.

Salt hall most urgent wish

With the new building areas, public flats, roads and playgrounds, the tasks of the municipal building yard have also increased. In the middle of last year, a photovoltaic system went into operation on the gerate hall, which generates more electricity than is consumed in the clarification plant and the building yard.

Bags of salt for the winter road clearance service are still piled up between the emergency vehicles in the equipment hall. Not exactly good for the communities, according to heribert dotterweich, head of the building yard. However, this is soon to change.

Using an already completed plan, dotterweich explained where the salt will be stored in the future: a salt hall open on two sides, including an intermediate building, is his most urgent wish. Then comes the expansion of the depot hall, which is to be made about 80 square meters larger in the future by means of an extension. A washing area with an oil separator has already been built in front of the hall. This place is to get a roofing, so that the servants – particularly in the winter – are protected with their work against rain and snow.

The total cost of the tree removal is estimated at around 200,000 euros, answers mayor kotzner to the corresponding question.

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