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gifts revive partnerships


Adelsdorf – adelsdorf's partnerships remain alive despite corona. Even in corona times, adelsdorf's partnerships with uggiate trevano in italy and with feldbach in austria are thriving.

Since there was no christmas market again, the people of adelsdorf sent a rough package with all kinds of christmas delicacies – donated by edeka degen and the company dr. C. Soldan – to uggiate trevano. There the joy was great.

Package from italy

Days later an italian package with panettone arrived in adelsdorf, meant for the friends of the partnership . Brotherly were shared with the fire department adelsdorf , the red cross , the adelsdorfer musicians and the seniotel adelsdorf .

The idea of creating a partnership advent calendar and posting it on the community's website came from vera bretting and sophia eichhorn. Every day a door could be opened and pictures and beautiful memories from the three partner communities appeared. The calendar has met with a rough response. "I am proud of our vibrant partnerships and the many active people in all three communities, because it is only through their involvement that a partnership comes to life," says mayor karsten fischkal.

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