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They are listed in the current VHS program booklet: the youth groups of the orchard and horticultural associations (OGV) in the county. Over 50 in all. How many of them are actually active is another story. A rough number of the youth groups, according to research by the FT, no longer exist or have temporarily ceased their activities. The youth group of the strossendorf fruit and horticulture association is by no means one of them. "Castle gremlins" it calls itself and is also involved in the care of the place.
Sina and carla schmidt smile. "I like to be outside anyway, and I like it when we spare the village", says carla (12). Your home is in the shadow of the castle. There, by the castle wall, the two girls have a bed that they have to take care of; five meters long, one and a half meters wide. In the middle of the bed is a pear tree, around which grow ornamental plants. There are about 15 such beds spread throughout the village. Marina schmidt, mother of sina and carla and also one of three youth leaders of the horticultural association, arrives at this figure when she mentally goes through the sites in the lower and upper villages. The beds were planted in the course of the village renewal, i.E. Four years ago. The residents, most of whom are members of the fruit and gardening association, are always involved in tending the flowerbeds. But the "castle gremlins" are also involved in the care of the village a. There are supposed to be 17 of them. In their village, the adults share the care of the village. According to marina schmidt, members of the gardening club cut the roses in the castle park, and the municipality takes over the mowing of the lawn in return. "When children are born here, they are practically members", marina schmidt tells. She tells it in jest, because of course they are not quite so resolute here. But there is something to it, because once it was really like this. When the daughter of her friend julia sunkel was born last year, she was immediately registered by her grandfather wilfried sunkel, the chairman of the 125-year-old OGV. Your friend julia is the second in the group of three youth leaders. Together with andrea kolbe, they form the leadership team of the "castle imps. As such, they also came up with the idea of the funny T-shirts. They are emblazoned with the castle of strossendorf, from which a garden gnome joyfully raises its arms. "Castle goblins" is written underneath. The children always wear the shirts at their meetings.

Grounded 2011
"We have been around since 2011, according to marina schmidt. A very young youth group, if not the youngest in the county. Once a month, from spring to autumn, the children and young people meet in the garden of the old parish house, which has been put at their disposal by pastor jurgen rix. But the children take care of the garden and weed the garden. Once a year the "kobolds" collect also the mull in the village together.
Today is a rough day for the group. The plants, grown from cucumber seeds, are to be buried in the garden near the old parish house. Sina has heard that there will be a prize for the one who will harvest the coarse cucumber. But first the "goblins" will be digging up and cleaning the garden first.

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