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Hec makes it exciting

After the alligators hochstadt in the ice hockey bayernliga last friday with the 6:2 home victory against the ESC geretsried the forces could spare something, they had to moo themselves on sunday evening again something more to be successful. But this was not so much due to the host icehogs’ biting attitude as to their failure to make the most of their chances, which made the game unnecessarily exciting. But anyway: the HEC wins also the eighth game of the season and digs further from the top of the table.

EC pfaffenhofen – hochstadter EC 2:4

The table leaders made steam from the start and took the lead after only three minutes, when andre lenk was brought into position and scored for 0:1. In the following the game knew only one direction. Tomas urban and ales kreuzer had great chances, but the next goal would not fall. In the middle of the third the icehogs freed themselves a little bit, but still came as if out of nowhere to the equalizer, because stefan huber had stolen away (14.). But the HEC was not shocked, immediately took command again and used an outnumbered situation to his advantage: daniel jun loved the 150 fans, who were crowded in the guest block, cheer after advance work by kreuzer.

The guests were probably sure of their cause, because in the second third they love to tackle a little more quietly. But because pfaffenhofen didn’t know what to do with it, very little happened in the first ten minutes. Only a great opportunity after a counterattack woke up the teams again. Kreuzer failed to score against the well reacting weiner in the goal of the icedogs (33.), a little later the HEC missed – once again outnumbered – the third goal.

So it remained close before the final period, and the alligators had to do something to finally provide for clarity. So they stayed ahead, and rewarded themselves on the powerplay: after a pass from vitalij aab, michal petrak scored from the blue line. His shot bounced away, but markus babinsky was on the spot and dusted it off to make it 1:3 (47.). But the decision was not yet made. Pfaffenhofen braced itself against the defeat, and actually made it exciting once again when robert neubauer scored the final goal (56).). The home side now wanted more, discussed in a timeout the tactics, which, however, did not work out. As a last resort, the goalkeeper was taken off the ice half a minute before the end of the game to create an advantage. But this shot also backfired: after a pass from jiri mikesz, aab eliminated the last doubts with a goal three seconds before the siren.

The statistics of the game

EC pfaffenhofen – hochstadter EC 2:4 (1:2, 0:0, 1:2)

EC pfaffenhofen: goal: weiner, mende; defense: oexler, welter, csirmaz, fardore, hofbauer, pielmeier, landstorfer; attack: maier, bauer, neubauer, gebhardt, chemello, thebing, seibert, birk, huber, semmler

hochstadter EC: goal: schnierstein, glaser; defense: urban/stutz, vojcak/babinsky, ribarik/roth; attack: aab/petrak/L. Lenk, jun/A. Lenk/ kreuzer, tratz/grau/mikesz, seelmann

SR: roland wittmann, stefan futterknecht, matthias zeck
spectators: 350

goals: 0:1 andre lenk (3.), 1:1 stefan huber (14.), 1:2 daniel jun (19.), 1:3 markus babinsky (47.), 2:3 robert neubauer (56.), 2:4 vitalij aab (60.)
penalties: 12 / 12

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