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The SPD district executive committee has unanimously nominated alexandra hiersemann from marloffstein as a state parliament candidate for the 2018 state elections, according to a press release.
"With our member of the state parliament, alexandra hiersemann, we have an extremely competent and committed candidate who has proven that she can optimally represent our interests in the state parliament.", district chairman fritz muller emphasizes. Deputy district administrator christian pech adds: "over the past four years, alexandra hiersemann has done an exemplary job of giving the district of erlangen-hochstadt an ear in the state parliament. As deputy chair of the petitions committee, she stands up for people and seeks solutions to their problems. In the investigation committee model construction she has mabgeblich participated in the clarification."
At the nomination conference in january 2018, the SPD district association wants to create the basis for a successful re-election to the state parliament in 2018 with a good result for hiersemann. The nomination conference of the ERH-SPD is on 26. January 2018 at 18.30 o’clock at the hallerhof in buckenhof.

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