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His dream job as a forester was not always a dream for hermann hacker. Because the forest in germany is primarily an economic forest, it has had to orient its activities mostly along economic lines. His thinking and feeling has strengthened this: "I love the wild nature"." Man, on the other hand, divides the whole world into plots and looks at nature only with dollar signs in his eyes. "As soon as a tree stops growing, it is considered ready to be cut down. Just imagine: life would be over for us people at 20 years of age!" – this is how the dull, melancholy introduction to our tour sounds on this summery morning.
From the parking lot at the banz monastery, it is only a few steps to the lush grass, which gives an idea of the natural primeval forest, as it no longer exists. Here you can still find them, the tree giants, 250 years old and awe-inspiring. They were already standing when duke max in bavaria, the future owner, was not yet born. His daughter sisi is certainly known to a much larger part of the county population than the current owners of the more than 850 hectares of land. The noble family has set up its own forestry administration with an obviously different attitude: "the wittelsbachers want to preserve it", hermann hacker states appreciatively.
According to this, he will again drive to the old trees as an offer of the cultural initiative bad staffelstein. The tour, which he has offered every summer for the past ten years, regularly attracts interested visitors. There already times a tree is embraced or defined as power place. But some people look up from the imposing roots to the crown of such a giant tree and ask: "how many solid meters does the tree have??" Love of nature, the hope love, on the one hand, and on the other hand then again the calculation…
Even with a half-sided, sore wound from a lightning strike, a bicentennial beech could probably survive another hundred years, says the forestry expert. But even a healthy specimen is not subject to special protection. "There is no handle." Nobody could force the owner to keep such a tree, which – economically seen – is useless. More forests need to be taken out of use and turned into protected areas, says hacker, who believes that he belongs to a minority with his point of view. Frustration resonates in these findings.
The giant trees in the banz forest are not considered natural monuments. There are about 240 such protected trees, often village lime trees, in the district. The recognition as a biotope tree, confirmed by a small plaque on the bark, goes hand in hand with a temporary protection of the tree’s existence. Twelve years – only a moment in the existence of this beech tree.
The retired forester would like to share the fascination of such a tree with others. "A tree is a living being, he underlines. One thing there was still fundamental research to be done on. A tree could for example determine the temperature exactly. It sprouts only at certain degrees. It also has something like an organ of equilibrium. Hermann hacker’s descriptions are now carried by enthusiasm. An hour passes quickly and lingers on for a long time.

Invitation to a tour

"The fascination of old trees – an event of the cultural initiative bad staffelstein (KIS), directed by hermann hacker; date: sunday, 17. June, 2 p.M., about 1.5 hours, meeting point at the entrance to the parking lot above banz monastery.

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