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It started with the processions

In the beginning, there was the wish to accompany the church processions musically: 70 years ago, a few men met in seblach with their musical instruments to rehearse church songs together. Had the founding father of the "stadtkapelle seblach" someone prophesied that over time a 40-headed band would develop, they certainly did not believe it.
Strictly speaking, the men "only" called the town band new in life. Already before the second world war a music group existed, but all documents were lost. The pure playing for the catholic church, with which processions and services were musically accompanied, was followed by the dance music, before the responsible persons decided to set on pure wind music. Until the beginning of the 80’s, when the town band became quiet, because neither a proper conductor nor a board of directors could be found.

Weidner enlivened the chapel

It was not until manfred weidner took up not only the baton but also the reins towards the end of that decade that things started to look up again. Weidner introduced club bylaws and established a board of directors. But in 1991 he had to leave seblach for professional reasons. Weidner’s successor was the young michael bauer. Under his leadership, the band turned to more popular melodies and became more and more popular. Youth work is particularly close to bauer’s heart, so that more and more young musicians are being trained by the town band. Young musicians regularly take the examinations for the music badges of the north bavarian music association (NBMB).
Today the stadtkapelle seblach offers a repertoire for all ages, with polkas, marches, medleys and a lot of modern music. A colorful melody robbery just. Under the leadership of sandra hildebrand and her deputy markus bauer, the town band today not only accompanies processions and church services, but also carnival and festival parades. The association regularly invites visitors to the spring concert at the DJK/FC seblach sports center and to the whole-square festival at whitsun on hofmannsplatz.
There should be no rough and tumble on the occasion of the anniversary. "Since many festivities this year will be musically framed by the town band, the board has decided to celebrate the birthday in a small way with a concert", reports hildebrand. That’s why the jubilee chapel will be inviting visitors on saturday, 23rd. September, from 6 p.M. To a serenade concert on the maximiliansplatz in seblach. The chairwoman hopes that the weather gods will have an understanding, because: "in case of bad weather the concert will unfortunately have to be cancelled."

Musical guests

Whoever has a birthday, invites visitors: the musicians of the town band seblach will be joined by the "jugendblaskapelle bergesklange witzmannsberg" as musical guests (with leader sebastian funk) and the "jugendblaskapelle unterpreppach" (youth brass band underpreppach) under the leadership of stefan groh journeymen. Hildebrand says: "the members of the town band cordially invite you to listen to the sounds of the bands and to spend a few pleasant and happy hours in seblach"."
Food and drinks are also provided at this event, thanks to seblach’s inns and the old town butcher’s shop.

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