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The krautheimers celebrated kirchweih on the weekend with the festivities around the community center. Highlight was the church sermon on sunday according to the press release.

"The summer of 2018 was really terrific, but unfortunately, even after this summer, school will be starting again soon." So the kirchweih youth had gathered as a school class to recite the village incidents of the past year to an interested audience: of car drivers whose hanger got stuck in the mud when there was still rain in krautheim; and those who lost their hanger.

The speech was about a fire department operation, whose alarming turned out to be particularly difficult, because because of a thunderstorm in the whole village the current had failed: "one made oneself thus on the way from house to house and rang the others out. Arrived at the place of the happening then, one took a puny branch from the away."The goat catcher of krautheim, who tried to recapture his runaway young goats with the help of his children, achieved fame. Less glorious appeared the episode around a fubballer, who seemed to have lost his wallet after the not exactly alcohol-free end-of-season party despite diligent search. "So he secretly, quietly reorganized all the cards, he hoped that was the end of the matter, he had embarrassed himself enough."But at the first training session of the new season, he found more than just his wallet in the dressing room. He was stuck in his pants on the coat hook. "So he didn’t just misplace the bag, no, he probably went home without his pants as well."

The photo shoot for the krautheim homepage was commented on and of course the village renewal, which is dragging on so long, was not to be missed either. "Sometimes you should think about where it might be better to put your things" was the admonition to the person who dumped his leftover concrete on the field path to the cemetery, making the access to the cemetery entrance difficult to pass through.

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