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To the report "comes the waterproof?" About the youngest untersteinach community council meeting (bayerische rundschau of 22. August) is written to us: the office of the mayor resembles that of a sailing ship captain on the high seas: one always orients oneself to the prevailing wind direction at the time.

Not so long ago, the bayerische rundschau quoted burgermeister schmiechen as saying that his initial assessment was that he favored the long-distance water solution. But then the pressecklein interest group was formed around the untersteinach electoral community, which campaigned across party lines for the preservation of the pressecklein fountain.

I have also been very involved here and am now naturally pleased about the at least partial rescue of the fountain.

We had insisted in several personal conversations with the responsible authorities (water management office hof, government of upper franconia in bayreuth, district office kulmbach) on the observance of the water resources law – and so the municipality had no other choice but to preserve the fountain.

All of the local water advocates involved have done a great job of showing what is possible when citizens are committed to a common goal.

If mr. Schmiechen now claims to have always been in favor of preserving the fountain, one can confidently recommend him a remedy for memory loss. Or was he just completely misquoted by the media??

I somehow do not like to imagine that. Even more so, since I myself was present at the then meeting of the town council and listened with my own ears to his explanations of the blessings of a long-distance water connection.

Either way, i am pleased that in the end mr. Schmiechen and his advisors and councillors followed, indeed had to follow, our sound reasoning.

Or to put it another way: when a stiff breeze blows in a politician’s face, his own opinion sometimes goes overboard.

Tobias eichner


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