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Lower Franconia: the ideas of the new pop music chief

On march first, benjamin haupt (30) succeeded the outgoing popular music commissioner of the district of lower franconia peter nader in office. Even a very active musician, haupt explains how he plans to fill nader’s rough shoes, about his first weeks in the new position and his goals.

Saale newspaper:

How have you settled into your new post??

Very good, i started by looking through history for existing ideas. I have also met with many people, including fellow musicians and, for example, the head of the cultural office of the city of wurzburg, kathrin jacobs.

You step into rough patches, how rough is your respect for the tasks at hand?

Of course i have a lot of respect for the task. Peter nader was the first ever popular music commissioner in bavaria and held this office for 19 years. Many ideas that have helped musicians in the region come from him. But we will see to it that we fill the baton well.

You are currently in a transitional phase, how is it going with your predecessor peter nader??

It’s going wonderfully. The official handover of the baton was already on the tenth of march in wurzburg by district president erwin dotzel. But of course peter is a rough help and answers all my questions with his rough experience.

The experience of your colleague stephanie grob is certainly an advantage…

Steffi and i know each other from different events, for example when i was a lecturer at the hammelburg bandcamp. She has been with the team for 19 years and has been in charge of many events, having someone with so much experience in the team is of course priceless and a very stable pillar of support.

However, they themselves are also long years as an active musician in changing bands in the lower franconian area on the road. Are these networks also important for your new job??

Lower franconia is a rough district, where my network has so far focused on the city and county of wurzburg. But i have made contacts through my work at the rhon-grabfeld cultural agency. I believe that you should not start such a job without such a job, because it is a networking job.

Does that mean that they also want to work closely with the major clubs and associations of lower franconia?

Actually, the various music initiatives wanted to get together on 18. April meeting in bad neustadt, my participation included. This date was unfortunately canceled because of corona. However, we will probably find an alternative in due time. The contact to the initiatives is of great importance, because our target group meets here.

How do you rate the level and activity of the lower franconian music scene??

There is a lot going on in my opinion. We have the posthalle in wurzburg with the many clubs based in the main metropolis. The colos-saal in aschaffenburg, the stattbahnhof in schweinfurt and the many music initiatives that are incredibly livening up the scene in the countryside. There is a lot to be done, and we have to see how we can help even more in the national area. We are, after all, a broad-based, not a top-based, economy.

Have you already received reactions to your appointment from the french music scene?? What did these look like?

So far, only those who think it’s good have dared to say anything to me. I am actually overwhelmed, because even people with whom I have not had any contact for a long time have contacted me and sent me their congratulations.

Will they change something on the event side? The bandcamp, for example, is a traditional course that has survived for many years.

The bandcamp will remain exactly in the same form as the course with the most participants. It is always a great time for all involved to work on the essence of the music. As a new idea, for example, a tour of lower franconia with several bands and a bus would be conceivable, so that the bands can experience touring life on a professional level.

The bandcamp is cancelled this year because of corona – the right decision?

The most important thing is that we limit the spread of corona as much as possible, so there are no objections at all. We have to look at how we deal with this, as there are also lecturers involved who all work freelance and are dependent on the money. We are trying to find an alternative date, but whether that will work is questionable.

Thank you very much for the interview, we wish you good luck for the future and above all good health in these uncertain times.

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