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Max straub about world politics and personal views

Max straub, the eldest son of former bavarian prime minister franz josef straub, not only spoke about politics on the volkersberg, but also chatted about the proverbial near box in various passages of his varied lecture.

The range of topics covered by the CSU member, who in his own words is only an ordinary member of the CSU, extended from the terrorist attack at the munich oktoberfest in september 1980, which from today’s perspective is right-wing extremist, to the current corona pandemic. His statements also included his conviction that germany’s importance in the world was declining and the refugee problem. The 61-year-old has a clear opinion on possible future government coalitions at the federal level: "the greens are clearly more pro-european than the SPD."

In view of the serious changes taking place around the globe, it must be remembered time and again that the federal republic of germany is simply no longer rough enough for any kind of solo venture. "In the world, power is losing more and more of its rightful place", regretted the lawyer.

When describing some of his personal experiences, it becomes obvious that max straub greatly admired his father, franz josef. From this point of view it can also be explained that his son does not agree with all the decisions made today by the party leaders.

After the speaker had quickly described himself as a lover of franconia in response to a corresponding question, the listeners gladly took the opportunity to talk to the guest in a relaxed atmosphere.

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