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More and more market stealers

The marktsteft city council unanimously approved the 2013 budget on tuesday evening – albeit late in the year. As a reason for the delay, mayor rudolf riegler cited other, more urgent requirements, such as the preparation of the burgers’ meeting for the settlement of the mixed water treatment (we reported).

This mixed water treatment, i.E. The coarse rainwater overflow basin on the former garment site and the sewers required for this purpose, also pose a burden on the city’s budget with a good two million euros on the expenditure side. In total, marktsteft is investing just under 3.5 million euros this year in a budget that totals just over seven million euros. These investments are covered by "a great financial effort", as chamberlain wolfgang schmer states in his budget report.

A good 1.5 million euros will be taken from the city’s reserve and an improvement contribution of around one million euros will be levied on the market towns for mixed water treatment, which means that a loan will not be necessary.

Reducing debts by 150,000 euros

In addition to the mixed water treatment, the city is also investing around 300,000 euros in new nursery places in the kindergarten, 250,000 euros each in the redesign of the mainaue and the inner courtyard of the kirchenburg, and 150,000 euros in the acquisition of land for building and commercial areas. In spite of these high investments, the city can still reduce its debts by almost 150,000 euros. By the end of the year, the debt will amount to almost 2.5 million euros.

This results in a per capita debt of 1367 euro, with a national average of 690 euro per inhabitant. The development of the number of inhabitants is pleasing: since the territorial reform in 1978, these have risen continuously, from 1540 inhabitants at that time to 1816 today. The chamber advises the city council to limit itself to the most necessary investments and to continue to reduce the debts.

If possible, this should be done with a special redemption in the coming years to maintain the financial strength of the city in the future.

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