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Since the reactor accident in chernobyl and increasingly after the nuclear catastrophe in fukushima, environmentalists and politicians have been focusing on an urgently needed energy turnaround. A profession that has been using clean energy for centuries is that of the muller. From time immemorial, water has been used to drive the grinders via the mill wheel.
If you hike along even small rinses or streams today, you will come across many disused or even ruinous mills. Coarse factories have largely replaced the small craft enterprises. One who continues the trade of his ancestors against the trend of the time is muller and agricultural master lindhorst gehring from munnerstadt, the operator of the hospital muhle.
The old murschter know the still today active farmer rather under the name "the gehrings schorschle". Where this designation comes from will be explained by the operator of the muhle, a muller made of real grist and grain, in the erzahlcafe of the seniorenzentrum st. Elisabeth on wednesday, 18. October, pay yourself. His theme is slightly modified to the test of a well-known hiking song: "das wandern ist des mullers lust (gewesen)" (hiking is the pleasure of the muller).
In addition to his work as a muller, the speaker is also a master farmer who supplements his income as a full-time farmer by fattening roosters.
Many visitors to the home game have known him for many years as the monk sent by the abbas of bildhausen. The erzahlcafe starts at 2 pm with coffee and cake. The lecture of the muller starts at 3 p.M. Guests are as always welcome. The entrance is free.

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