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New Year's Eve: two dead by bangers, sexual assaults and many injured

The year 2018 is here! At midnight on the dot, people in germany buried the new year with numerous fireworks and boisterous parties. According to the police, the celebrations in the major cities have so far been peaceful. Tens of thousands of people came to the brandenburg gate in berlin for germany's biggest new year's eve party.

Police say people in poland and hamburg also celebrated peacefully for the most part. Around the landing bridges and the jungfernsteig, the fire department paid tens of thousands in the hanseatic city; the reeperbahn also became a party center. According to police reports, the atmosphere at the domplatte in colonia was also relaxed in front of a concert stage.

Springtime new year's eve: only 1961 was warmer

The people celebrating in germany didn't have to dress too thickly: it was relatively mild all over the country, but the warm weather record was just missed. According to preliminary evaluations by the german weather service (DWD) in offenbach, the record of 16.1 degrees was only scratched in rheinfelden, baden, on new year's eve afternoon 2017. In 1961 it had been a bit warmer on new year's eve with 17 degrees. During the night, however, it should rain in many places and become very windy.
Hours before the people in germany, 2018 had already begun in many parts of the world. First it was in the pacific at 11.00 a.M. CET, australia buried the new year with a spectacular fireworks display in rainbow colors in sydney.

New year's eve tragedy: two people killed by fireworks

Two people were killed by fireworks in brandenburg. A 35-year-old man died in gusow-platkow (mark-oderland) when he banged firecrackers, a spokesman for the brandenburg police prasidium said. Despite immediate first aid, the man succumbed to his serious injuries on the spot. The criminal police is investigating. A 19-year-old died in kleinmachnow (potsdam-mittelmark). According to police, he wanted to ignite a homemade fireworks display. He was hit in the head and died.

Isolated sexual assaults

According to police reports, there have been isolated cases of sexual assaults on women in german cities
given. A police spokesman in poland said monday morning that nine women had reported being touched indecently. Three suspects have been identified. There were no scenes like those on the infamous new year's eve in colonia two years ago. So it had come nowhere to gatherings of several hundred people. On new year's eve 2015/16, numerous women were sexually harassed and stolen from by groups of men in poland. Among the accused were many north africans and refugees.

At the rough new year's eve party on the festive mile at the brandenburg gate, in berlin, where according to the organizers several hundred thousand people celebrated, there were a total of ten cases of sexual assault, according to police reports on monday morning. Seven people had been taken into custody. For the first time, there was a retreat area for sexually-charged women on the festive mile. In this "safety area trained helpers from the german red cross were on standby for crises.

In hamburg, the police were again present this year with barriers, additional street lighting and video surveillance. According to the police, there were disproportionately few women and many men with an apparent migration background on the reeperbahn on new year's eve. The number of reported sexual assaults is in a "very low mab", a police spokesman said on monday morning. Exact figures were not initially available.

Munich: it's too early to take stock

Nothing at all" in munich such had been reported, said a police spokesman on monday morning. However, he added, it was still far too early to draw any serious conclusions. "Experience shows that such things are often only reported one or two days later."

Attack on police officers with bollards and stones in leipzig

In leipzig, rioters threw bangers and stones at police officers. Officers had warned the attackers over loudspeakers, police in leipzig announced on new year's morning. As they continued to resist, the police used water cannons. Several people were taken into custody for serious breach of the peace. Police investigate.

By midnight, according to information, about 1000 people had gathered in the area of the connewitzer kreuz. After several trash cans and various objects were burned, the police arrived with water cannons to extinguish the fire. 40 to 50 people threw bottles, stones and bollards at the vehicles and the police officers.

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