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news about the quarry in march

It will take some time before the citizens of kummersreuth find out exactly what hans neupert plans to do on the eastern edge of the town. At the turn of the year, it became known that the kaider quarry, of which neupert is the boss, is considering applying for a new quarry here. Neupert had invited representatives of the local community to an initial meeting on 30. December informs. Immediately after the turn of the year, on 2. January, had formed a citizens’ initiative, which wants to prevent this. At that time, they wanted to become active as quickly as possible, elected a board, appointed a spokeswoman and gave themselves a name: kurbiss. That stands
for ku(mmersreuth), r(ebelliert),bi (burgerinitiative) and ss (steinbruchstopp). Initially, a meeting was scheduled for saturday, 3. February, scheduled. Neupert then asked to reschedule the meeting because the planning office he had commissioned had not yet finished working out the plans, says silyia messerer, spokeswoman for the citizens’ initiative. Now they will meet on samsag, 10. March, at 10 am at the firehouse.
But what is the status of the project at the moment?? To put it simply: there are concrete considerations of the company, but there are no official examinations in progress. It is understandable that people in kummersreuth are already taking action against such plans: the kaider quarry is already operating a quarry that has approached the town from the west. If you take the right-hand bend before the village and turn onto the rest area, you can follow a path that lies close to the edge of the quarry.
Neupert wanted to expand in the direction of nordern, but comes into conflict with the water protection area of schwabthaler quellen. From there, the city of lichtenfels obtains water.
The new quarry on the other side of kummersreuth could be a kind of substitute for this flat one, so to speak. It is also clear why neupert wants to expand: when a quarry is exhausted, new areas are needed, so it is also a question of making provisions for the future.
Michael sohns, chairman of the citizens’ initiative, has noticed that many of the people he has spoken to do not realize that this is a new quarry. The burgerinitiative works on a position paper. "But of course we also want to take a very concrete position on the plans, so we will only finalize it after the event", says silvia messerer. The city also sees things similarly. "In such a situation, of course, the question is always how to proceed", says mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU). He thinks the way to first inform the citizens in the village is right. Then the city council is to follow. Kohmann also points out another important point: "as a city, we are neither the decision-maker nor the approval authority for such a project." But they will be involved in the necessary procedure, just like all the other people affected. He, too, first wanted to see what neupert’s concrete plans were.

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