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Nokia and motorola are catching up

Today, motorola has been reduced to the role of a niche supplier and google’s patent box. And nokia is fighting desperately against a progressive loss of significance. The new smartphones they are now launching are expected to turn the tide for the two traditional companies.

Nokia decided a year and a half ago against android and for the microsoft platform windows phone, which market share is still stuck in single digits. Even the first lumia smartphones from nokia, which were launched just under a year ago, could do little to change this, if one disregards the improvement in market share from less than two percent to less than three percent.

The new lumia 920 and 820 models should now finally bring the breakthrough. For nokia partner microsoft, smartphones are one of the three pillars, along with desktops and tablet computers, that will secure the future of its windows world.

Nokia made a big push in two areas in particular: camera and cards. The new lumias are supposed to take much sharper and high-contrast pictures, and all possible additional functions are on board: you can, for example, remove objects from the pictures directly on the phone and create the popular animated GIF pictures.

U.S. Experts do not expect a breakthrough, however, despite all the praise for the efforts of nokia and microsoft. It won’t be easy to highlight the new features of the lumias, said gartner analyst carolina milanesi in an initial reaction. "The experience from the point of sale will once again be decisive."Borsians are skeptical: during nokia’s presentation, the stock lost 13 percent on wednesday and another 5 percent on thursday.

The smartphone market that once belonged to nokia and motorola is now dominated by samsung and apple. This is particularly clear in the case of smartphones, which are increasingly displacing the usual cell phones. Samsung sold around 52 million smartphones in the last quarter, apple half that number – and analysts believe the next iphone will sell ten million units a week. Motorola, on the other hand, sold just 4.4 million computer handsets in the past quarter.

Both former champions cannot live with such market shares in the long term. Motorola has the rough advantage of now being the house brand, so to speak, of google, the driving force behind the android operating system that now dominates the smartphone market. Google’s chairman took to the stage at the launch of the three new motorola devices with the unmistakable message that the cell phone pioneer now stands on the shoulders of a giant. In the meantime, 1.3 million new android devices are activated every day, and around 500 million are in use worldwide.

Since android is an established alternative to the iphone, it will not be easy for nokia to take off with the new platform: charlie kindel, who once co-developed windows phone and is now an IT entrepreneur, believes that support from mobile operators will be the decisive factor. And the consulting firm ovum highlighted the potential for windows phone in the enterprise market, where the smartphones could be interlocked with other microsoft software.

Overall, the market research company gartner continues to believe that windows phone can establish itself as the third force in the smartphone market and catch up with the market share of apple’s iphone within three years. Finally, there is still a rough market to share with today’s users of simple phones.

For the time being, however, the shadow of the iphone launch expected in just under a week hung over the rough nokia event: there was no information at all on price and launch date. "That creates room for readjustment when they know what HTC and apple are going to do," milanesi explained. Windows phone 8 was only allowed to launch together with the PC and tablet operating system windows 8 at the end of october anyway.

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