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For the district of lichtenfels, the current covid-19 figures (cut-off date 9. October, 7.3 p.M.) as follows: 395 total sick, 352 recovered, 27 currently still sick, 16 deceased. In detail, the eleven towns, markets and communities in the district have the following number of currently ill people: bad staffelstein: 10, burgkunstadt: 8, ebensfeld: 1, lichtenfels: 5, marktgraitz: 1, marktzeuln: 1, michelau: 1. The 7-day incidence was 23,9.

Threat of restrictions

District administrator christian meibner has again discussed yesterday with his health department in the district office about the further course of action due to the sharp increase in the number of people from the district of lichtenfels who tested positive. He makes an urgent appeal to the burgers: "please heed the A-H-A rule, i.E. Keep your distance, carry out hygiene checks and wear a respiratory mask. This is the only way we can avoid the drastic restrictions imposed by the current bavarian infection control ordinance of 1 january 2009. October pretends to avert." It is clearly regulated: if the number of new infections with the coronavirus SARS-cov-2 in a county exceeds 35 per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days ("7-day incidence"), the number of permitted participants of private celebrations in public or rented rooms is to be limited to up to 50 persons.

In addition, there is an urgent recommendation not to hold any celebrations with more than 25 participants in private rooms. In the area of schools and daycare centers, too, further protective measures may then have to be implemented. If the development of the infection figures of the last few days continues, the head of the district cannot rule out the possibility that a corresponding general decree will be issued for the district as early as next week. "I therefore urge you to take the protective measures seriously so that we do not have to implement the unpopular restrictions. Please stay careful and cautious and protect yourself and with that the others as well!", according to the district administrator.

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