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The french chamber choir furth had put together the program "tranensaat und freudenernte" a lot of effort, wanted to invite people to a musical dialogue under the direction of ingeborg schilffahrt. But not even 40 people from kulmbach found their way to the opening of the church music days in the petri church.

The choir contrasted psalm settings on the level of content, presented different epochs in direct confrontation. Moreover, the program bridged the gap between christians and judaism. Despite the very contemplative visit, the 13 female and nine male singers gave their all.

For church music director ingo hahn, the church music days have not died, as he explains in the following interview.

BR: mr. Hahn, at the start of the church music days the petri church was only sparsely attended. They are exchanged?

Ingo hahn: no. I am not scolding the audience. That’s far from my mind. We make an offer, and everyone can take advantage of it or not. It is impossible to estimate beforehand whether many or few people will come. But that is not important. We had a good ensemble. You have to live with the fact that an event is sometimes better attended, sometimes less so.

Could it be that the church music days have died out??

No. We have been doing the church music days since 1985, now for the 28th time. Mal. And i always make sure that we have a very diverse and varied program. It is logical that not everyone goes to all the concerts. We also want to address the audience in its diversity. Of course, we also have a limited target group.

That the attendance was weak does not happen for the first time, or?

No, I once performed an oratorio in 1988, which the audience obviously didn’t know. The visit was extremely thirsty. If I had not continued then, there had not been many great attended events.

The further choir is an exceptionally good ensemble – is that unusual for such a group??

The choir performs in the church area. It is normal that not all seats are always filled. The petrikirche can also hold 1300 people. That is very much. But in the end, the listeners who are there want to experience something of high quality. That is important to me.

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